3 Tips for Designing a Corporate Wellness Program in 2020

Looking to kick off a corporate wellness program in 2020?  Many organizations are planning HR strategies for the coming year.  Employee Wellness is a growing trend.  Check out these 3 tips for designing a corporate wellness program that will support your staff as they work to achieve their personal wellness goals. Plus learn how Terryberry’s Corporate Wellness Program can help your organization build a culture that encourages employee wellness.

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The Importance of an Employee Wellness Program

May 20, 2019

There are many benefits that a well-designed employee wellness program can bring to your business. If you have found a shortage of wellness program options available to you in the market, the tides may be turning in favor of SMBs when it comes to employee wellness. The benefits of an employee wellness program aren’t meant […]

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52 Companies Count One Billion+ Steps in The West Michigan Walking Challenge

June 13, 2017

In just six weeks 52 companies, from all over West Michigan, walked more than one billion steps. That’s right. One billion. It was the first annual West Michigan Walking Challenge, and needless to say, it was an absolute grand slam. Don’t believe it? Check out our infographic on the Challenge. Looking to exercise our title […]

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6 Step Plan to Start an Employee Wellness Program in Your Company

January 24, 2017

  The cost of employee healthcare is a top concern for executives and HR in businesses today. In response, many businesses have increased their efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles for their employees by offering employee wellness programs.  Terryberry’s new Whitepaper outlines a six-step plan to launch your employee wellness program successfully. Create an environment where employees can Be Well, through […]

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Turning the Table: Known for its Recognition Programs and Products, Terryberry Receives Honors for its Employee Wellness Efforts

September 7, 2016

Terryberry  has received top honors as one of “Michigan’s 2016 Best and Brightest in Wellness” for programs and efforts aimed at bolstering the health and wellness of its employees.  Read the news release. Terryberry’s employee wellness programs have had a strong impact on a number of employees battling high-blood pressure, high cholesterol and other health […]

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5 Tips for Effective Employee Wellness Programs

December 28, 2015

Be Well in 2016 By Lillian McBeth It’s that time of year again –   the time where we start thinking of how much weight we want to lose in 2016, how we want to eat healthier, or how we want to achieve our best time in our next 5k.  For some of us the […]

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