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How to Recognize National Men's Health Week

June 10, 2021

National Men’s Health Week takes place on June 14-20, 2021. This annual event aims to raise awareness of preventable health problems and the importance of wellness in both boys and men. The week ends on Father’s Day and is a great way to celebrate the important men in our lives and also make sure that they are doing all they can to look after themselves. Things are getting better, but there are still significant numbers of men that don’t get regular health checks and get diagnosed with more chronic health conditions than women.
Since the event started in 1994, activities have taken place across the country with businesses, charities, the local and federal government, and communities all coming together to run special events such as health fairs, seminars, and free health screenings. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place across the country, this year will be a little different. However, there are still many ways to raise awareness of National Men’s Health Week within your business.

Healthy Food Days

Eating fresh food has numerous health benefits and can help keep the men of our lives functioning well. Removing processed and fatty food from the diet can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
These days, healthy eating is very much in the national consciousness as more and more people look for ways to enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet. There are many healthy diet plans available now that can be easily combined with any lifestyle.
Throughout the week, you could arrange talks from nutritionists and demonstrations from chefs so your staff can learn about different options. If you are currently in the office, you could organize special food events, such as cook-offs and plant-based food lunches.

Get Your Men Moving

Exercise of any form has many, many health benefits. Just taking 30 mins exercise a day can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and help lose weight. Even if you are not a fan of the gym, you can go for a nice walk with the dog or sound some time tending the garden. There are infinite possibilities.
Throughout National Men’s Health week, your company could run exercise classes. These activities can be done at the office or remotely if your staff is working from home. Offering a wide range of fun activities could also be a great way to bring all the team together.

Let’s Talk

Suicide is one of the leading killers of men under 45 all over the world. In many communities, there is still some stigma attached to men talking about mental health. Luckily, numerous initiatives by the government and charities raise awareness of male mental health and provide a wide range of support to help men go through a tough time.
Companies can also help in this area by raising awareness amongst their staff. During the week, you could host a mindfulness workshop that will give everyone techniques to manage stressful
times and balance their daily lives. You could also invite local charities or psychologists to run seminars or talks about mental health and the available support.

Wellness Programs

Throughout the year, several events raise awareness of the importance of health and wellness. But, for everyone to truly enjoy the benefits, they need to commit to long-term changes, be that a regular exercise protocol or healthy eating.
Here at Terryberry, we have helped businesses of all shapes and sizes introduce company wellness programs. Our unique wellness platform enables businesses to offer health assessments, health and wellness education, fitness tracking, and rewards that empower employees to be proactive in managing their health and wellness.
If you would like to learn more about how we can support your business, then contact us today.


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