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3 Workplace Trends Affecting Your Recognition Culture

September 11, 2017

No doubt, we’re in the midst of a lot of changes in business. As leaders, we need to be prepared to adapt to the needs of our changing workforce and how these trends are affecting the way businesses provide employee recognition.

1. Communication.

We’re constantly emailing, texting, snapchatting – you name it. It’s constant. How do we keep up? The interesting thing is, while communication is increasing, it’s also becoming more and more depersonalized. Many employees can go a full day without ever having a personal exchange with another coworker.

It’s important, as HR professionals and business leaders to recognize how these changes are impacting the way our people connect. Try switching up your daily routine. Give your keyboard a break by delivering a handwritten note to a coworker.

2. Career paths of newer employees.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25-34-year-old employees stayed with their organization on average 2.8 years. What does this mean for us? If we’re not engaging and recognizing employees right off the bat, we’re missing the boat.

Let’s relate this to a service award program. If the first time employees are recognized happens on their 5 year anniversary, most likely a large percentage of the employees will not stay long enough to experience that recognition culture your organization has invested in. In an effort to resolve this, many companies are turning towards incorporating service recognition into the onboarding process.

3. Greater expectation.

Your employees, team members, associates (call them what you want) expect more recognition today than in the past.

You know recognition is important, but too often it can be overlooked when schedules get busy. Peer recognition programs let any team member give recognition when they see someone contributing at a high level. Not only does this help managers give employees the recognition they need, it also gives your employees a sense of ownership and participation in your organization’s recognition culture.

A little appreciation makes a world of difference, especially in the workplace. To perform at their best, employees need to know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated on a frequent basis. Inviting all employees to participate in giving recognition for great work when they see it is an important way to engage everyone in your organization and help create a dynamic culture of appreciation.
Terryberry’s Give a WOW program for peer recognition allows employees to do just that. Contact us to learn more.


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