Employee Appreciation Letter Samples

Need help writing a letter of appreciation for an employee's special achievement? Check out our samples below for ideas on how to say thank you to employees for hard work.

Examples - Employee Recognition Letters and Employee Appreciation Notes

Congratulations on Your Years of Service


Thanks to you, we're leaders. At your career milestone, we honor you for the part you play in maintaining our performance standards and commitment to excellence.

We know that achievement and success aren't by accident. Breakthroughs come after spending what seem like hours of hard work and trying new ideas. We applaud your performance with the attractive recognition awards in the following online brochure. We hope you will select one that you'll use often in the coming years and will always remind you of our thanks for your contributions.

Honoring Your Achievements

The awards have been specially selected to honor your career achievement. They represent the finest name-brand merchandise and premium jewelry. We hope that you will enjoy your award for years to come. Our company values good people--we genuinely care about you and appreciate your contributions.

Congratulations on reaching a service milestone with [company name]!

Our values and principles are Excellence in Service, Through Innovation, By People Who Care. The service award symbolizes the time you've given to help us as we pursue those values and principles. It is also a token of appreciation for the part you've played in making the company what it is today. Your talents and efforts already have helped us achieve excellence in many areas.

As you celebrate your service anniversary, please accept my thanks. I hope the award you choose is one you will be proud to use and that it will remind you of the company's appreciation.



Performance Excellence

Congratulations! Welcome to the [company name] Award Program.

We know the amount of effort that you put into your job and we assure you that your efforts are appreciated. We also know that sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of the day, we may not show our appreciation as effectively as we might. With this in mind we have developed the [company name] Award Program.

This program is designed to reward your efforts and loyalty to our group with beautifully handcrafted awards, with the primary focus of the program being long service. These awards represent our appreciation and will serve as an ongoing reminder of your achievements.

You may choose to redeem your points now or you may choose to accumulate additional points over time in order to qualify for a reward of higher worth. For example at five years you may receive an award of 1500 points and you may choose to select an award with a value of 1500 points or less. You may also choose to not redeem your points at that time but instead wait until you receive a reward at 10 years, say 3000 points. You would now have a total of 4500 points to redeem on the award of your choice. Either way we trust that you will enjoy your award.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and good luck accumulating those points!


Robert Johnson

Congratulations {firstname}!

Through this recognition program your efforts in the workplace are rewarded with beautifully crafted awards from which you can select.

People are and will always be our greatest asset. Your abilities and contributions are an important key to the success of our entire operation. Take a moment to reflect upon your accomplishments and take pride in knowing that you are an important member of our team.

Thank you again for your loyal support.

Congratulations, you have been recognized! As a symbol of our appreciation for your dedication and loyalty, you have been awarded Points in the HIGH FIVE program. It is with great pride that we present this award to you as a valued member of our team. 

You may go shopping for your gifts at this time or save your points to get an even better gift. All points must be redeemed by December 31st. Have fun shopping!!! 

Points Award

Dear Associate,

It is an honor to work with professionals of your high caliber whose hard work and dedication produce superb results. In recognition of your outstanding sales efforts, it is with great pride that I welcome you to the ABC Labs Employee Recognition Program.

Through this recognition program, your efforts in the field are rewarded with beautifully handcrafted awards from which you can select. These awards are symbols of our appreciation for your hard work and help serve as a continual reminder of your achievements.

Please note the number of points you have accumulated to date. Points can be redeemed immediately, or accumulated over time, and awards can be selected at your convenience. You may select from any of the awards available through the Terryberry online catalog that are within your points balance. Your award, which you will have the option to inscribe with the ABC Labs logo, will be shipped directly to you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and good luck accumulating as many points as possible!

Thank you for all the work you do.


Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Welcome! Recognition Program Announcement

Dear Colleague,

Whether you have recently received recognition for going above and beyond in your job, or to celebrate a milestone anniversary of service here at ABC Company - or you are just taking a look at the catalogue of awards - we hope you find something of interest in the awards available for participants in the Give a Wow program.

Our organization depends on the efforts of our staff to provide the best in concierge service to our members - so for staff redeeming award points, we thank you for making that effort! We hope whatever you choose brings you great enjoyment, and reminds you of the appreciation we have for your efforts.


V.P. of Human Resources

Welcome Aboard

Dear [First Name],

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to TLE Systems! We are proud to have you as a member of our organization and look forward to what you will bring to the team!

Enclosed you will find your sterling silver TLE Associate pin. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our people, and we are pleased to present this exclusive symbol to you as a new member of the team. We hope you will wear it with pride!



Sales Excellence

Dear [First Name],

Congratulations on the temendous success you've achieved as the top producing sales person this year.

Through this sales award program your hard work and commitment are rewarded with beautifully handcrafted awards, which you can select based on your individual interests. These awards represent a symbol of our appreciation of your dedication to ABC and serve as a continual reminder of your achievements.

Awards can be selected at any time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Good luck accumulating as many points as possible and thank you for your continued commitment to ABC!



Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Welcome to [company name]'s staff recognition program - "Appreciate, Celebrate & Congratulate." 

The goal of this web-based program is to enable you to provide instantaneous and personal recognition when one or more of your co-workers goes above and beyond in their job duties.  "Appreciate, Celebrate & Congratulate" is a fun way to provide visibility for successes, identify rising stars, encourage positive personal interaction and communication, and make appreciation of each other a habit.

Please enjoy browsing the award categories and have fun choosing the perfect gift for yourself.

Thank you, and have fun "Appreciating, Celebrating & Congratulating" your co-workers!

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to [company name]'s You Hit the Mark! page, the new home of our peer-to-peer recognition program. This interface is designed to allow our employees throughout the world the opportunity to recognize the excellence and achievements of their co-workers.

This new program will help [company name] continue to foster a culture that values leadership, innovation and customer service excellence as we all work to achieve our mission of protecting and improving human health worldwide.

As we all work together to support [company name] and its mission, we want to ensure that we take opportunities along the way to celebrate and recognize each other's successes. Our peer to peer You Hit the Mark! program is one way we remind each other that each and every contribution is valued and noticed.

Thank you for the many ways you invest yourself in the vision we share. The hard work of each employee contributes to [company name]’s great accomplishments!


 President and CEO

Hello [company name] Team!

As part of our P-O-W-E-R culture (People, Opportunity, Winning, Empowerment, Respect) we’ve decided to provide this website to enhance the visibility of our team’s great work!   Last year we created a higher level of people recognition through our Admirals Club and town hall presentations.   With this new tool, all of us can now participate in the process of giving recognition.

Now, it’s important to know that we want to celebrate the small wins, just as much as the big wins.   Not all recognition will receive a gift or a reward, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable to the company.  Watch for your Managers and Directors to grant special awards each month. 

Additionally, we will utilize this site as a central hub for not just rewards and recognition, but also for other communications.   In order to streamline the information we send to you on a weekly basis, you will begin to see that much of that routine email traffic now being routed to this site (instead of to your over-flowing inbox).   So, for updates relating to sales rankings, birthdays, birth announcements, and other – look to this website for that important info!

Each week you will receive email reminders that the site has been updated which includes a link to take you directly to the content.  Like all tools, this site will be as valuable as you make it!  So let’s get started. If you see your colleagues doing something great then take the time to recognize them – AND remember this year to Navigate, Accelerate, and Explore!


VP of North American Sales

More Example Service Awards Employee Recognition Letters

Congratulations on Your 3 Years of Service

Dear Colleague:

Congratulations! This year marks a significant milestone in your service to [company name].

As a symbol of our appreciation of your years of service to the firm, I invite you to select an item of your choosing from the following award selections. I will be presenting these awards personally at our upcoming Holiday Party.

Thank you for your contributions to the company. You are a valuable member of the team.


Jane Smith

5 Year Service Award

Dear Fellow Employee,

The successful growth of our company is the direct result of you, our valued employees. Your dedication and commitment serve as a vital link in the chain which drives our operation. In recognition of that commitment, we are pleased to present our Employee Recognition Program.

As you celebrate a significant accomplishment in your career, we invite you to select one of the awards in the following pages with our sincere gratitude for the contribution you have made to our Company's success.


Mary Steever
Human Resources

Service Award

Dear Award Recipient:

Congratulations on reaching this important service milestone. We are pleased to honor your achievement through our Service Awards Program.

As a symbol of our appreciation for your dedication and loyalty, please select one of the awards on the following pages.

It is with great pride that we present this award to you; you are a valuable member of our team. Thank you.


Director of HR

10 Years of Service

Dear Team Member,

Congratulations! This is a significant year for you as you celebrate an important service anniversary with [company name].

As you reach this milestone in your career with [company name], it is with great pride that we present your service award choices to you. Please select one of the awards featured in the following online brochure. The award reflects our appreciation for your dedicated years of service and is a symbol of your personal and professional achievements. It is our hope that you will wear, use or display it with pride.

People are and always will be our greatest asset. Please know that you are an important member of our team and your abilities and contributions will be an important part of our continued success.

Thank you for all that you do and please accept our good wishes on the anniversary of your employment with [company name].


Senior Vice President/Human Resources

25 Years of Service

Dear Associate:

Congratulations on your tenure recognition award achievement as you celebrate a significant anniversary of your employment at Mercy Hospital. Clearly, reaching this milestone is a very special occasion for you. It is also a very special occasion for our health system since it is a testimony of your loyalty to Mercy Hospital over the years.

You are a valued member of our team and your continued contributions are vital for Mercy Hospital to continue to be successful in meeting our stated Mission, Vision and Values. All of our organizational achievements are made possible because of your individual efforts as well as the efforts of your team members. In appreciation for your 25 Years of Service, we invite you to select a gift that reflects your service and dedication to Mercy Hospital. We are quite pleased to present this award and gift to say thank you for the thousands of little things you do every day that add to the high quality care for our patients and residents!

Again, Thank You for your hard work and much dedication. We look forward to your ongoing contributions and a bright and successful future together.


Vice President of Human Resources

20 Years of Service

Dear Team Member,

For more than one hundred years, University Hospital has embraced and nurtured those who seek its care. With a sole mission - to provide the best of the art and science of health and medicine-University Hospital has long advocated for the needs of its communities. Committed to the highest of values, University Hospital strives to be a place of enduring quality and strength.

We acknowledge and appreciate that the foundation of our success is built upon you and your commitment to University Hospital.

Congratulations on your 20 Years of Service! You too have reached an important milestone at University Hospital. Thank you for the many years of service and dedication to making our Mission, Vision and Values come true every day for every patient.

Please indicate your award preference from the online award catalog. It is with great pride that we present you with this award as a celebration of your special service anniversary. May this award remind you of our commitment to you as a valued member of our team.

Congratulations, I look forward to celebrating future successes together.

Yours truly,

Executive Vice President

Service Award

Dear Team Member,

At [company name], we realize that our employees are our greatest asset, and we are delighted to honor your dedicated service and commitment to this organization. It is our employees who uphold our corporate principles, demonstrate our vision of working for a better future for people, deliver on our customer promise and make us the passionate organization we are today.

The success of our organization is a direct result of your efforts and dedication.  Your commitment to quality and personal and professional integrity is the differentiating factor that sets us apart from our competition.

On behalf of [company name], it is with great pride and admiration that we congratulate you on this service anniversary milestone.  Today, we celebrate you and your individual and collective contributions to our success, and we look forward with great expectancy to many more good years to come. 



Service Award

Dear Amy,

Congratulations and thank you for your years of service!  You will be celebrating an important anniversary this year, and [company name] appreciates your contribution to the success of this company.

As you celebrate this significant milestone in your career, it is with great pride that we invite you to select one of the awards shown in the following on-line brochure.  You have made this company what it is today, and we hope that you will be proud to have a memento of your valued years of service.

People are and will always be our greatest asset.  Your abilities and contributions are an important key to the success of our entire operation.  As you reach this milestone in your career and set your sights on future goals, take a moment to reflect upon your past accomplishments and take pride in knowing that you are an important member of our team.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks and good wishes on the anniversary of your employment with [company name].



Dear [first name]:

We want to personally congratulate you on reaching your 5th anniversary with our company.  Your loyalty and dedication to our company and our customers does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to you by having you select a gift to commemorate this milestone with [company name].

We have several options from which you can choose.  Please accept this award as a token of our sincere appreciation for a job well done.  The consistency of good people in our organization is what makes us great.  We all appreciate your efforts and your loyalty to our company.

Thank you for being a valued member of the [company name] Team.


President & Chief Operating Officer 


Dear [Full Name],

On behalf of everyone at [company name], we offer our congratulations as you celebrate a significant anniversary of our employment with us.

We know that our growth and success is dependent on having devoted and capable team members such as you, and we want to recognize the contributions you have made in helping us achieve our goals.  To honor your years of service with [company name], we invite you to make an award selection from the enclosed brochure.  You may make your selection by following the enclosed ordering instructions.  We hope that this award will always remind you of our appreciation for your hard work and dedication.

Thank you for all you have done for [company name] during your years of service and for your ongoing commitment to our success.




rip-ple: verb \’ri-p?l\
1: to flow in small waves
2: to move with an undulating motion or so as to cause ripples
3: to have or produce a ripple effect

Every day there is inspirational work being done in the global businesses of [company name]; someone making the extra effort to ensure our continued success.

As a growing and changing business, it is easy to get caught up in the fast-pace culture necessary to remain a market leader, but it is important that we don’t lose sight of employees who exemplify our Values and take action to deliver outstanding results for their coworkers, the company and our customers.

In an attempt to better recognize these special efforts, we are launching an employee recognition program which we are calling -- Ripple.  It is a new approach & opportunity providing an easy way to recognize our coworkers who have gone “above and beyond” to complete a task, or who have epitomized one of our core Values through behavior and action.

At the end of the day, we perform and deliver as a team and applauding the efforts of our coworkers through the Ripple program is an excellent way to recognize individual & team contributions to our overall success.

Make a Ripple!


Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics