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February Recognition Holidays

February isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! This month offers several employee recognition holidays for you to take advantage of. Use our list of recognition holidays to plan how you’ll acknowledge the hard work of your team this month.

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Recognition Alignment Tool

To ensure that your employee recognition system is in alignment with your overall corporate objectives, give some thought to the ABCs that are important to your organization’s success. Use this alignment exercise to help you identify and reinforce your ABCs.

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December Recognition Holidays

As the year winds down, it’s important to continue to acknowledge the efforts your employees put in each day, and to make sure they receive recognition on special days and for exceptional performance. Here are some recognition holidays in December you won’t want to miss.

Award Presentation Cheat Sheet

Good award presentations come from good preparation. Use this Presentation Cheat Sheet to prepare your comments for your upcoming employee recognition presentations.

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April Recognition Holidays

Make someone’s day by letting them know you’ve noticed their hard work and contributions to the business. Here are some recognition holidays in April to help give you some ideas.

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May Recognition Holidays

Don’t forget to show your appreciation for the ones who work the hardest – nurses, receptionists, military spouses, and others whose efforts are often performed behind the scenes. Let them know how much you value their contributions this month by recognizing them on their special day.

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June Recognition Holidays

June Recognition Holidays Expressing your appreciation for those in your organization or professional network is always appropriate, but it’s especially meaningful when you observe recognition holidays for individual roles. Make sure your staff and vendors know their efforts matter by showing appreciation on these June recognition holidays: Month Pride Month National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables […]

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July Recognition Holidays

July Recognition Holidays Summer is in full swing and there’s no better time to recognize the people who put in the hard work day in and day out, driving results for your organization. When staff is performing on top of their game, make sure to acknowledge their accomplishments in even the simplest of ways. Here […]

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August Recognition Holidays

This list of August recognition holidays can help you make sure you don’t miss important days to thank certain employees, and it can also make you aware of days like “Just Because Day”, when you can make it a point to do something special for your team just because.