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Newsletter – Spring 2014

“It is a great day in the employee recognition business!”  This is a common phrase around Terryberry.  It is a great day in the employee recognition business, but it is also a great time in employee recognition business: advances in technology today allow better communication and interaction that is so vital to engage people in organizational values.

Globally, the statistics on mobile internet usage continue to rise sharply, and analytics from our Give a WOW social recognition platform mirror the global data.

Arguably as important, is the ability to easily provide timely recognition wherever our employees find themselves. With this in mind, Terryberry’s team has worked diligently to enhance our award winning Give a WOW platform and increase the mobile capabilities to cater to all employees with our new release of Give a WOW 3.0!

As a business leader, chances are you see potential in your people’s mobile usage beyond Candy Crush and Angry Birds.  If you’d like to learn more about how Terryberry’s Give a WOW Apps can increase engagement in your organization we’d be happy to oblige.  Just contact us to start the conversation.




Mike Byam
4th Generation Partner



Give a WOW 3.0…More than Just an Upgrade!

Terryberry’s Give a WOW platform for social-media style employee recognition has been changing the face of employee recognition since it was first launched in 2009.  This spring Terryberry unveiled the most significant upgrade to the platform yet.  Among the new features of Give a WOW 3.0, the enhanced platform uses responsive design to enable full functionality and user experience on any device, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

“Mobile usage of Give a WOW has grown nearly 700% in the last year, and we know that figure will continue up and to the right,” says Mike Byam Terryberry’s Managing Partner.  “One of the paramount drivers behind Give a WOW 3.0 was the need to make it even easier and more engaging for users to view and give recognition on a mobile device.”

Give a WOW’s platform is designed for users to login to a group page where recognitions to and from members are displayed on the group’s news feed.  Give a WOW 3.0 features a Mongo Wall where users can scroll through recognition history, eliminating the need to click through pages of posts.  The Mongo Wall is filterable and searchable, allowing managers and users to more quickly access information about recognition in different areas of the business.

Give a WOW 3.0 presents an updated interface design with menu and recognition information dynamically displayed on any size browser window.  This design enables clients to embed their Give a WOW feed into their organization’s intranet or other RSS display to added visibility.

Terryberry currently supports 100+ customers groups on the Give a WOW employee recognition platform.   The company has committed to upgrading existing customers to the enhanced Give a WOW 3.0 platform at no additional cost. In order to support a seamless transition of customized features, Terryberry’s Give a WOW support team will work with each customer group to move to the new platform over the coming months.

“When Terryberry introduced Give a WOW initially in 2009, it really pioneered the idea of using social communication to magnify the impact of employee recognition,” says Byam. “Since then, we have been committed to continuing to stay at the forefront by enhancing and adding new features along the way.”

Byam adds, “We’re really proud of how Give a WOW 3.0 demonstrates Terryberry’s aptitude to innovate.  It’s truly like nothing else on the market in the way that it balances a robust and feature-packed framework to support virtually any organization’s customized needs, while it makes it simple for users to recognize great work.”

Contact us to request a demo of the new and improved Give a WOW 3.0.


Getting Up to Speed: Case Study Reveals How a Transportation Service Company Gains Momentum with New Employee Award Options

Case Study: Hunter Engineering Company designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of passenger car and truck service equipment worldwide. They are headquartered in Bridgeton, Missouri.

As Hunter Engineering’s workforce continued to evolve, they realized the same old Employee Recognition Strategy needed to evolve in order to reflect this transformation. Terryberry was called in to assess their current efforts and offer suggestions as to how they might be able to help.

By leveraging Terryberry’s Recognition Collection, Hunter Engineering employees were given a diverse selection of awards that better spoke to their diverse lifestyles. Hunter Engineering was also able to leverage Terryberry’s AwardTrac Online Ordering system which helped make their program easier to administrate.

The RESULTS: Hunter Engineering now sees an increased participation level in their Employee Service Award Program. By leveraging AwardTrac to manage communication aspects of the program, Hunter Engineering also has more time to handle other Human Resource tasks.


Find out more about AwardTrac for your organization.


Terryberry Book Club Webinars: Learn from Leading Business Authors

Join us as Terryberry hosts renowned business authors for a series of exclusive webinars.  These exciting events bring you together live with the authors to learn ideas and strategies from important business books of our time.

On July 17, Join Terryberry’s Mike Byam as he talks with Dr. Paul White, co-author of the book “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.  Dr. White teamed up with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love Languages” to write “The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace.”   Find about why employees respond to different forms of appreciation, and how to apply the 5 languages of appreciation at work for the best results in this webcast.

On September 18, don’t miss “Harnessing the Power of Gratitude for Success in Life and Business,” – a webinar  with author Lisa Ryan that is sure to bring new ideas that you can apply in your business and personal life.  Mike Byam and author Lisa Ryan will discuss how a workstyle of gratitude can affect your relationships and your bottom line.

Did you miss Terryberry’s webinar with Best Selling Author Kevin Sheridan on “Building a Magnetic Culture” earlier this spring?  You can listen On-Demand and learn important strategies from one of the top employee engagement experts.  Access Terryberry’s webcast archives to listen to “Building a Magnetic Culture” with Kevin Sheridan.

Register for these webcasts and others from Terryberry at

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Inside Terryberry: Meet Software Designer Dan

Dan is the lead software designer behind Terryberry’s 360 Recognition and Give a WOW platforms.   Hear about some of the coolest new features of the dynamic Give a WOW platform for peer-to-peer recognition, straight from one of our brainiest creators in this video!


SHRM 2014 Orlando

The Annual Society of Human Resources Management Conference is right around the corner – June 22-24 in sunny Orlando!  Will you be joining the 15,000 other Human Resources Professionals to hear from Mrs. Laura Bush, enjoy the Tim McGraw concert, and collaborate other top HR minds?

Don’t forget to stop by Terryberry’s booth 671 at the expo!  Meet Mike Byam, managing partner of Terryberry and several of our team members while you learn about the newest ideas for employee recognition to take back to your business.  We’ll be demoing Terryberry’s FREE iRecognize app in the booth.  You won’t want to miss it.

Oh, and here’s another tip:  RSVP to receive an exclusive free gift from Terryberry when you come by the booth.  Gifts are limited so sign up today to make sure you get yours!

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