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What are the Components of an Effective Employee Wellness Program?

May 19, 2018

Terryberry recently hosted a webinar with WellRight CEO Tad Mitchell, talking about best practices for employee wellness programs(You can catch the recording here if you missed it.)  If you are considering an employee wellness program for your organization, understanding what makes up a good wellness program is a good place to start.
Employee Wellness Programs can mean different things to different people. “Wellness is pretty broad. Some of the original wellness programs were something as simple as having an onsite employee gym or something like that,” said Mitchell during the webinar. “Typically today employee wellness programs are much broader than that and include several elements.”

Most employee wellness programs include the following components:

  • Biometric Testing
  • Health Assessment
  • Wellness Activities or Challenges
  • Wellness Rewards or Incentives

Often organizations will start with just a few of the elements above and expand on their wellness program over time.

Wellness Activities

When choosing wellness activities to include in your employee wellness program, consider strategies that work to build healthy habits.  Effective wellness programs look at the whole person.  When it comes to employee wellness, it should cover more than just diet and exercise.  WellRight’s model encompassess fitness and nutrition, but also addresses emotional, social, occupational and financial dimensions, helping employees identify areas to work on in order to help them become the best versions of themselves.
If you’re investigating an employee wellness program for your organization, we’d love to connect and show you how the new Terryberry Wellness module combines WellRight‘s education and challenges with Terryberry’s rewards and incentives into one effective portal.  Contact us to learn more.


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