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Wellness: The Employee Gift That Makes The Holidays Healthy and Merry!

September 27, 2022

It’s that time of year again when employers ponder ways to express their appreciation to staff for a job well done.

More employers are recognizing the relationship between employee wellness and productivity. When your staff is in good health, this results in fewer sick days, less spent on health insurance, and improved motivation. To encourage healthy living, give employees a health-related holiday gift. This will also fit in with the “new year, new me” mantra.

Terryberry Employee Wellness Platform keeps your workforce healthy and happy the whole year ‘round. We make it easy to run an employee wellness program and activity challenges that will increase staff engagement, build team camaraderie, and improve employee health.


How our activity and wellness challenges work.

In an activity or wellness challenge, people take part in fun and engaging activities competing with themselves or against colleagues and friends – individually or in teams. Progress is tracked automatically, and results are posted on a virtual map or leaderboard so participants can see how they’re doing.

The goal? Creating and forming healthy habits that outlast the challenge itself.


Need more incentives?


  • Employee wellness programs have an average 150% return on investment, according to a study by Rand Corporation.*


  • Wellness Programs can create a less stressful environment which can, in turn, lead to higher levels of employee happiness.


  • They can help prevent and reduce illness which can be harmful to your employees and a hindrance to productivity.


  • Reducing health care costs and the strain that is placed on organizations when employees miss work due to illness are obvious reasons that investing in employee wellness is important.


  • Emotional and mental wellness are also important for a healthy workforce. When employees are feeling well, they are more focused, energetic, and ready to give their best effort each day.


So why not give the gift of health this holiday season?


*Source Corporate Wellness Magazine


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