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Terryberry Expands Wellness Rewards Program Offering

June 5, 2018

Terryberry recently announced the introduction of  Terryberry Wellness, a cloud-based employee wellness program that provides an integrated portal for wellness education and activities, together with social encouragement and rewards for healthy behaviors.

Partnership forged between Terryberry and WellRight

The debut of Terryberry Wellness follows a new partnership between Terryberry and WellRight, a complete wellness program company, offering everything from comprehensive health assessments, biometrics and wellness education, to over 200 group and personal wellness challenges using gamification, fitness tracker integration, and reporting.

“Terryberry helps organizations build workplace cultures that foster their most valued attitudes, behaviors and contributions. For most businesses, healthy lifestyle choices are among those desired behaviors.” says Mike Byam, Terryberry’s Managing Partner.

“The partnership with WellRight helps Terryberry provide our clients with an integrated solution for health assessment, education and challenges, plus communication, incentives and rewards, all within our 360 Recognition hub,” explained Byam.

Why Employee Wellness Programs are Important

Employee wellness programs continue to grow in size and scope throughout the country and are responsible for an average 150% return-on-investment for employers, according to a study by the Rand Corporation.
“Reducing health care costs and the strain that is placed on organizations when employees miss work due to illness are obvious reasons that investing in employee wellness is important,” Byam said, adding that emotional and mental wellness are also important elements of a healthy workforce. “But much more than that, wellness allows employees to live more fulfilling lives.”

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