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Social Recognition Can Connect Remote Employees

August 10, 2020

Remote workers (and all employees) need to belong in the workplace culture. A strong workplace culture and a sense of community is crucial for employees to thrive. Social recognition programs can help organizations build a connected culture where remote employees can form healthy and productive workplace relationships.

Help Employees Find Belonging in Your Workplace Community

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs reminds us that, as human beings, we seek to fulfill our needs at each level of the hierarchy. If we are deficient in a level of the hierarchy we can’t thrive at our full potential.  The first levels are basic needs for health and safety.  Once those are met, our next urgent need is social. We are built with a need for belongingness and relationships.

In the workplace, this translates into the need to be a part of the team.  Remote workers, who lack regular face-to-face interactions with peers, have unique challenges when it comes to forming these bonds with coworkers.  Businesses need to find alternate ways to create those connections for employees who work remotely.

Tech Tools Can Enable (not replace) Connections

Software infrastructure is the best bet for enabling those connections among colleagues who are separated by geography. Tech tools have been developed - and are continually being developed - that enable businesses to overcome geographic barriers for communication and relationships.

Importantly, technology can’t replace human connection. Technology and infrastructure can - and often should - be used to enable human connection, but it still takes humans and a commitment to people in order to make healthy and productive workplace relationships.
Let’s take a look at some of the tools on the market that can help with enabling these connections.

Social Recognition Helps Build Connection

For remote workers, one of the best ways to accomplish ongoing team interaction is through a social recognition program (like Terryberry's Give a WOW platform).  In this type of program, everyone in the organization can give and receive recognition when they see good work.  Recognition moments are posted on a shared feed where coworkers can applaud and comment.  When recognition flows consistently and visibly throughout the organization via the feed, it builds a sense of connection among the team.

Workers, though they are disconnected physically, can stay connected with each other through work accomplishments and expressions of support for personal occasions like birthdays, or other life occasions.

Consistency is Key

Consistency over time is key.  Data from Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform usage shows that recognition moments are amplified by 5.32 times on a social recognition platform. This means that for every recognition moment, there are 5.32 additional applauds and comments that add impact for the recipient and build connection among coworkers.  The compounding effect helps sustain the recognition program over the long term.


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