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President’s Club: The Best Sales Incentive Program

October 21, 2022

Employees High Fiving

Superior performance deserves to be exceptionally recognized. In the sales world, a President’s Club program ranks among one of the highest honors someone can receive. It is an achievement that reflects the great success of your salespeople. In order to celebrate their sales achievements, why not award them with something prestigious?

Your top sales performers work hard to reach, or even exceed, their goals. We believe they should be rewarded for those wins. And what better way to celebrate than with a custom award package? Or a once in a lifetime trip?

What is President's Club?

Your President’s Club program (also sometimes called a different name) will recognize and award your top performers - the best of the best within your sales teams. Typically, this is an annual employee recognition program that rewards those who have met or exceeded sales goals and quotas.

These clubs involve prestigious award packages that are symbolic, impactful, and reflect the success of those salespeople. In addition to these award packages, most companies also recognize and reward their top sales performers with an all-inclusive trip!

President’s Club programs are usually customized to each company - and that’s where Terryberry can help. We believe that each program should reflect your company’s unique values, traditions, and needs. So, whether you call it a President’s Club program, or something else, just make sure that it represents the astounding achievements of the participants.

Some recognition programs are called the following:

For example, Terryberry was able to develop and design a stellar President's Club program for furniture giant, La-Z-Boy. Their PEAK Performance Program was designed to celebrate, incentivize, and reward their top salespeople with custom, symbolic awards.


Better Benefits for All

From your top sales performers to the newbies on the team, a company's President's Club should be more than just a club for current elite salespeople. It should be an honor that motivates, incentivizes, and excites everyone, no one excluded.

Thriving Company Culture

An inclusive President's Club will create a better company culture. How? Well, company culture is one of the biggest driving forces for recruitment, employee retention, and employee satisfaction.

Your President's Club will help create a company culture that fosters team collaboration and healthy competition. It will also help celebrate individual successes and foster a strong work ethic within all your sales teams.

Improved Employee Retention

Did you know that organizations that have implemented an effective recognition program usually see less voluntary turnover? That's one benefit almost every company needs in today's environment. Recognizing your employees with a significant award package, or trip will help them to feel valued and connected. This, in turn, promotes loyalty within your company.

More importantly, companies that build great sales incentive programs like a President's Club program are more likely to recruit great salespeople. It not only retains talent you already have, but attracts new talent as well. With an amazing President’s Club program, you’ll be the envy of the sales world!


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Improved Sales Performance

Despite a thriving culture and happy employees, you will also see increased sales. Those who feel valued, connected, and motivated are more likely to perform better. So, the right incentive is a key element in any sales program, but especially within a President's Club.

With a world-class program, your sales team will find the motivation to work hard to not only achieve, but exceed their sales goals. Work hard, play hard, right?

So, are the benefits of implementing a President’s Club program really worth it? Totally. We believe employee recognition is essential in any company, here are a few reasons:

  • Creates a collaborative and positive environment
  • Greater employee retention and satisfaction
  • Better recruitment of stellar candidates
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Improved company culture
  • Improved employee engagement

Designed with You in Mind

Terryberry has helped curate best-in-class sales incentive programs - one might even say, presidential. From start to finish, we can help you develop, design, and implement a custom program that excites and motivates your top salespeople.

Why not ditch the boring gift cards and create a President's Club that best reflects your company values while achieving your sales goals?

We will keep it simple. There's no need to overcomplicate your President's Club program. We will ensure that your program has an easy-to-use process that is interactive, fun, and functional for your top salespeople.

We will produce impactful awards. It's about more than just a  trophy. Accompany your President's Club packages with custom awards that your top performers will actually care about in the long run.

Tailored just for you. Align your President's Club program with your organization’s brand. We can help you design your entire program that is best suited for your company and top sales performers.

Be the pinnacle of success. At Terryberry, we believe your top salespeople deserve top recognition that is symbolic of their achievements. By developing a President’s Club program for your sales teams, you will be able to recognize the successes of your employees, cultivate a healthy company culture and establish a long-lasting tradition.

Are you looking to implement your own President’s Club? We can help you create a uniquely curated sales incentive program that will wow your salespeople, contact us today!