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Terryberry's most prestigious annual sales incentive program yet. We can help you design an elite program that rewards your top performers. Learn how you can inspire and recognize your top sales performers with a custom experience unlike anything else.


Reward Your Top Performers

Terryberry has helped curate best-in-class sales incentive programs that we think are elite. One might even say, presidential. Your top sales performers deserve more than a pat on the back. From start to finish, we can help you develop, design, and implement a custom program that excites and motivates your top salespeople. We think you should ditch the boring trophies, create a President's Club (or whatever you choose to call it) that best reflects your company values while achieving your sales goals.

Decades of Experience

We value building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Terryberry has built and maintained a partnership with international furniture manufacturer and retailer giant, La-Z-Boy, for over twenty years. We developed, designed, and implemented their custom sales achievement recognition program.

This prestigious sales program has only improved over the years, resulting in improved engagement and higher employee satisfaction. The best part? Awards that are earned by top-performing sales consultants always have a unique identity that is symbolic of the great achievements made.

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Presidential Benefits

The PEAK Performance Program was successfully implemented and accomplished
the original goals of engaging the sales team, motivating them to sell the full spectrum of La-Z-Boy products, and communicating a set of uniform sales standards.

Worked closely alongside La-Z-Boy team members to identify all of the strategic business objectives and goals of the program.

Developed a custom web-based platform for tracking performance, timely communication with participants, and order
entry for award qualifiers.

Designed an effective communication strategy and plan that was engaging and motivating that would help the company achieve their goals.

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La-Z-Boy Client Testimonial

“Custom sales awards are essential to our strategy to help motivate and recognize top performers at La-Z-Boy. Through our partnership with Terryberry, we have created annual awards that truly represent the great achievements of our sales team members. For over 20 years, the Peak Performance and Summit Club programs have set the standard for excellence in our organization. Achievers in these programs proudly display their awards to both customers and colleagues, serving as an ongoing symbol of success.”

Jim Reilly Vice President of Residential Sales

Not Your Average Club.

Your President's Club is more than just a club for your elite salespeople. You'll see the ROI tenfold with a program that aligns more with your company's values and goals rather than a single trip to Bora Bora (even though Bora Bora is amazing). So, let's help your top performers feel connected, valued, and appreciated.

Build Better Culture

Company culture is one of the biggest driving forces for recruitment, employee retention, and employee satisfaction. Implementing a President's Club will help create an awesome culture that fosters collaboration, healthy competition, and a great work ethic within your sales team.

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Retain Sales Talent

Organizations that have implemented an effective recognition program usually see less voluntary turnover. More importantly, companies that build great incentive programs are more likely to retain great salespeople.

Improve Sales Performance

The right incentive is a key element in any sales program, but especially within a President's Club. With an elite program, your sales team will find the motivation to work hard in order to not only achieve but exceed their sales goals. Work hard, reward hard.

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You Matter Here.

Whether it's a big win or a small win, make every employee's achievement count. Together, we can make your employees feel valued and appreciated.

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How Can We Help?

Don't worry. President's Club might seem like a big undertaking, but we promise to make it easy. We'll help you develop and implement a program that will excite your top sales talent. 

1. Keep it Simple

There's no need to overcomplicate your President's Club program. We will ensure that your program has an easy-to-use process that is interactive, fun, and functional for your top salespeople.

2. Give Awesome Awards

It's about more than just a  trophy. Accompany your President's Club packages with custom awards that your top performers will actually care about in the long run. 

3. Tailor Your Program

Align your President's Club program with your organization’s brand. We can help you design your entire program that is best suited for your company and top sales performers.

Who Can We Help?

With 100 years of experience, Terryberry has proudly served over 40,000 clients worldwide.

Wondering if this type of recognition program is right for you and your team? Well, the sky is the limit. It doesn't matter what industry you serve, or the size of your company, we can help you build and maintain an exceptional President's Club. From technology to retail, real estate to healthcare, we've seen it all.

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Be Recognized. Be Presidential.

Your company's top performers work hard which is something we think should be rewarded. Connect with our team to build an annual program that reigns supreme.