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National Say Something Nice Day

May 27, 2021

The words we use and how we say them can have a powerful effect on the world around us. No matter whether we are at home or work, effective communication is essential.

Many famous management studies have shown that if employees feel valued and work in a good environment, they will perform at a higher level. So, it should come as no surprise that communication can play a massive role here. If managers or colleagues take the time to show gratitude or say something nice about them, they are likely to get an extra spring in their step, which will motivate them to do an even better job. On June 1st, you have the perfect opportunity to do this as it is National Say Something Nice Day.

National Say Something Nice Day 

National Say Something Nice Day takes place on Tuesday, June 1. It is the perfect opportunity to spread positivity around the workplace, home, or neighborhood. This national celebration originally started in South Carolina in 2006. The simple premise of saying something nice to someone soon took off, and it is now observed throughout the country. Take a look below at a few ways that you can celebrate National Say Something Nice Day this year.

Say Thank You For Being There

The past 18 months have been a challenging time for all of us, and we may not have interacted with people as much as we would typically do. Even though we have been working remotely, we have still needed to support other workers and key workers in the community.

Writing a little thank you note to your colleague or someone who works in your community can make a big difference. At work, you could encourage your staff to think of someone who has helped them over this past year, either personally or professionally. They could then send them a card, email, or note to show their appreciation and gratitude.

Celebrate A Win

Acknowledging someone else’s accomplishments is a great thing to do. It could that someone has got a promotion or finished a course. It might be that they have stepped outside of their comfort zone or done a job they had been putting off for a long time. Whether the win is big or small, taking the time to acknowledge that person’s efforts will bring a big smile to their face.

What I Like About You

National Say Something Nice Day is the perfect opportunity to compliment people on just about anything. It could be their personality, fashion style, hair, or how they go about their work. Maybe you appreciate their sense of humor or ability to diffuse conflicts. Or it could be that they have very positive energy and always grace the office with a smile. Whatever it is, taking the time to show your appreciation will be well received.

Say Something Nice Board

If you are back in the office, you could set up a board or wall where people can post encouraging and friendly notes. This can be easily done with a corkboard or using post-it notes on a spare wall. Your staff can post quotes or encouraging messages that will inspire and create a positive environment in the office.

Say Something Nice At Work Day

This day can be celebrated at work by organizing some events and activities designed to create a positive environment. Senior-level managers could take the time to send personalized notes to each employee, thanking them for the work they do. This will show that you care and that the employees are respected—a win-win situation for everyone.
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