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Creative, Clever, and Catchy: 55 of the Best Walking Team Names

July 20, 2022

couple walking down a trail path

Since you plan on blowing the competition away during your next activity step challenge, why not choose a walking team name that you’re proud to see at the top of the leaderboard? We’ve rounded up 55 of our favorite names – you’re bound to find one you love!


50 Unique Walking Team Names

Music, movies, and munchies – these team names span the gamut of interests.

  1. The Proclaimers
  2. Sole Mates
  3. The Walking/Running Dead
  4. The Walking Tread
  5. The Agony of De Feet
  6. Red Hot Chili Steppers
  7. The Young and the Breathless
  8. Walker Rangers
  9. The Walkaholics
  10. Shake, Rattle, and Stroll
  11. Road Scholars
  12. New Kids on the Walk
  13. The Walk Ness Monsters
  14. Walka Walka
  15. Chips and Walkamoli
  16. Scrambled Legs
  17. Walk the Line
  18. Sole Survivor
  19. Jabberwalkies
  20. Moves Like Jagger
  21. Fast and Furious
  22. Happy Feet
  23. Heels Up
  24. Legs Miserables
  25. Pace Makers
  26. School of Walk
  27. Luke Roadwalkers
  28. Between a Walk and a Hard Place
  29. Walkie Talkies
  30. River City Ramblers
  31. Insteption
  32. All About That Pace
  33. Holy Walkamolies
  34. Stride Rite
  35. Witness the Fitness
  36. Heart and Sole
  37. Walking 9-5
  38. Tater Trots
  39. The Wolves of Walk Street
  40. Stomp the Yard
  41. Been There, Run That
  42. The Defeeters
  43. Time Heels All Wounds
  44. Run Like the Winded
  45. Walkin’ On Sunshine
  46. Road Rage
  47. Christopher Walkin
  48. Catch Me If You Can
  49. Globe Trotters
  50. Let’s Get Fiscal

Team Names For Remote Employees

Honor your remote status with one of these names.

  1. Stay at Homies
  2. Walk From Home
  3. Remote Walkers
  4. The iPlods
  5. Ctrl+ALT+Elite

What’s the Best Name for a Walking Team?

There’s no hard and fast rule to naming your walking team, but we recommend choosing a moniker that’s somewhat short, catchy, and indicative of your team’s interests. Have some fun with it, whether you use one of the options above or create something completely unique.

Setting Up a Step Challenge

Ready to use your new team name during a walking challenge?

Terryberry makes it easy to launch a successful company step challenge that keeps employees engaged and motivated.

Our comprehensive app allows employees to sync their devices, track fitness, mood, sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, and other metrics. Employees can also connect via the platform to encourage each other through message boards.

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