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Transform engagement & sentiment while building healthy habits.

  • Sync with your favorite devices
  • Step converter to include all movements & activities
  • Easy and fun virtual races and leaderboards!

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Boost Engagement

Step challenges bring employees together in a fun way!


Reduce Turnover

An engaged workforce reduces turnover by 24%.


Thrive Together

Engaged companies see +17% productivity & +21% profitability.


Maximizing Participation

Because we’re inclusion-driven, we include fun map-based challenges, leaderboards, and developed an activity converter that allows users to move how they choose for all ability levels and body types. We have everyone covered with over 120 exercises and activities, including wheelchair accessibility!

The goal? Forming healthy habits for everyone that outlast the challenge itself.


Tracking Steps & Activity. Easy.

Use your dashboard to easily track your daily and weekly steps. If you are synced to a device, perfect! Your daily steps are automatically tracked. No device or doing an activity that a device can’t track as well? No problem.

Easily add and convert an activity such as yoga, ping pong, and more into your daily step total. Then, see how you stack up against colleagues on the virtual map and leaderboard. Keep it fun and mix it up by competing in teams, departments, or as individuals!


Sync With All Your Favorite Devices

Terryberry’s Be Well app connects to the leading fitness trackers.

No device? No problem! Track steps using your smartphone.


Skyrocket Engagement With Points and Rewards

Take your step challenge engagement to the next level and add rewards. With thousands of unique options from our reward platform, your employees are sure to find a reward they love.

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  • Unique categories: Merchandise, travel, events, concerts, & charitable gifts
  • International fulfillment & language localization

Get started with a one-time step challenge!