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Behind the Scenes…Hand-Crafting Your Custom Logo Awards at Terryberry

March 16, 2015

Ever wondered what goes into the making of your organization’s custom logo awards from Terryberry?  It’s probably more than you imagined.  Watch this video to see how much love and attention goes into the hand-crafting of your organization’s recognition awards.
Step-by step, professional craftsmen and women painstakingly take raw gold or silver or other precious metals and turn it into your organization’s jewelry-quality emblem.  These emblems become the awards your recipients are proud to earn.
Terryberry’s artists start with your logo or symbol.  Using state-of-the-art software, Terryberry’s CAD experts Jeremy and Don create dimensional artwork which will be used to tool your organization’s emblem.
Specialized high-tech robots begin the tasks for machining the die and polishing the emblems.
When Bruce fires up the kiln, molten gold or silver goes in and the cast emblem comes out glowing red.  After 30+ years, Bruce knows exactly how long he needs to let the hot metal cool before he quickly takes it off the tongs with bare fingers.
Rosie the Robot is up next.  (She is affectionately named after the robot maid from the Jetsons cartoon of the 80’s.)  Rosie rubs out the rough edges.  Then she hands it off to Janet or Trucly or another of Terryberry’s many expert polishers in the pin department who finely polish and inspect and polish some more…until the emblem meets their exacting standards.
emblem manufacturing
Next Lisa and Kahn, two of Terryberry’s stone setters, take gemstones – diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires – and set them precisely in rosettes by hand.  Often these gemstones signify progressing levels of achievement for the recipients.
Finally Jase, Edna, Jasmine or Marla inspects the finished piece to ensure that it is perfect for its recipient – an award worthy of the achievement for which it was earned.
At Terryberry we consider it an honor to be entrusted by you to create the awards your recipients earn for their significant achievements.  We hope you can see the great pride we take in hand-crafting the very finest awards for your organization and your people.
Contact us to discuss your custom logo award design idea, or visit our site to learn more about custom awards by Terryberry.


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