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3 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your HR Team During Healthcare HR Week

March 15, 2021

The past 18 months have been hard for everyone, but they have been especially challenging for healthcare professionals working tirelessly to keep us all safe. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen daily news reports about how doctors and nurses have been working demanding hours in the fight against COVID-19.
Healthcare HR teams have also been hard at work. They’ve had to provide staff with the best possible support, be it employee relations, employee wellness, handle personnel shortages, or dealing with ever-changing regulations and reimbursement rules.
Healthcare HR Week is an excellent opportunity to show some love to these vital members of the healthcare profession.

Healthcare HR Week 2021

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHRA) introduced the annual Healthcare HR Week in 2012 to acknowledge the hard work healthcare HR professionals put in behind the scenes. Healthcare HR Week 2021 will be observed on the week beginning March 15th. It’s an excellent opportunity to recognize team members who’ve worked under the most challenging conditions of their careers.

The Challenge of Creating Recognition Programs in the Healthcare Industry

Creating effective recognition programs in the healthcare industry can be challenging because many professionals spend most of their day on their feet and usually work in shifts. Many of the team might not always have access to a desktop computer, and even if they do, they might not have the time to sit down in front of it.
One solution to this problem is creating an app that can be accessed on mobile devices. We always have a cellphone or tablet on us in our connected world and are never far away from WiFi access.

3 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your HR Team

There are many ways that you can show your appreciation to your HR team this Healthcare HR Week. Some simple gestures can really go along way and help remind the team how valued their contributions are.

  • Personalized Gifts – Take the time to create personalized gifts that will have some meaning to your employees. Personalized messages from leaders of your organization are always a nice touch. This year, traditional cookie-cutter rewards will likely have no real impact. You could treat your team to a spa day or relaxing massage. Alternatively, if team members are currently working from home, you could get them a gift that will help make the monotony of remote working a little bit easier for them.
  • Award Days – You could create many categories and get your staff to vote for the best candidates. The winners could receive an award that they can cherish for years to come. The whole process could be done in an interactive way, where everyone has to dress up, and each winner has to give an acceptance speech.
  • Wellness Day – The HR team spends a lot of time taking care of the staff’s well-being, so it would be nice to have one day when you do the same for them. You could arrange for yoga and meditation sessions or some form of outdoor activity which gets them away from their desk. Another excellent idea is organizing a nice office lunch. All of these things will bring a smile to their faces and give them a much-needed break.

Need Help Creating Recognition Programs?

Here at Terryberry, we understand the unique challenges that providers in the healthcare industry face when creating meaningful recognition programs. If you need some help, we have extensive experience working within the healthcare industry and can provide tailor-made solutions that best support your team. Contact us today.


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