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3 Tips for Designing a Corporate Wellness Program in 2020

September 16, 2019

Looking to kick off a corporate wellness program in 2020?  Many organizations are planning HR strategies for the coming year.  Employee Wellness is a growing trend.  Check out these 3 tips for designing a corporate wellness program that will support your staff as they work to achieve their personal wellness goals. Plus learn how Terryberry’s Corporate Wellness Program can help your organization build a culture that encourages employee wellness.
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1. Think Beyond Nutrition and Exercise

Good food and fitness habits are important for a healthy lifestyle.  Most employee wellness programs have tools to help participants work toward healthier eating and exercise habits.  It can effective to also include mental, emotional, and financial health initiatives.  Consider encouraging participants to start with a private health risk assessment (HRA) of health history, habits and lifestyle.  Professional Wellness Programs often include an HRA to help participants understand their current behaviors and identify  areas for personal growth.  Apps like Terryberry Wellness suggest personal challenges based on the individual’s needs and readiness to change.

2. Create Opportunity for Social Encouragement

For many of us, consistent encouraging support from others helps us stay on track toward our wellness goals.  Group wellness challenges or team wellness challenges can be a great way to build community as a part of your employee wellness program.  Team-based challenges can create opportunities for members to build friendships and encourage, support and challenge one another.
Terryberry offers an integration between their wellness app and their peer-to-peer Give a WOW program.  The integration is designed to help build an internal network for social encouragement.  It works like this: when a participant logs progress toward their wellness goals, a post is made automatically to the Recognition Wall. Recognition Wall is posts are visible to the team, and peers can applaud and comment.  This gives a boost to participants to help keep them moving forward toward their goals.

3. Small Changes can Add up to Big Results

There’s nothing wrong with big goals, but it’s important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is made up of a thousand small, everyday choices.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Drink water with lunch instead of soda.  Find a reason to smile every day.  Schedule device-free time once a week.  Small changes can make a big impact on overall health.
It’s also important to remember that each individual is at a different stage in his or her personal wellness journey.  When designing your corporate wellness program, it can be effective to include encouragement for “small” steps– as participants experience success in taking small steps, it can give them confidence to tackle their next goal.

About Terryberry’s Turn-key Corporate Wellness Program

If your organization is looking for a turnkey corporate wellness program, Terryberry’s Employee Wellness Program is a great solution to consider.  The web-based app  includes a health risk assessment, wellness education, personal and group challenges,  wellness incentives and rewards, and fitness tracker integration.   Terryberry’s HIPAA-certified specialists are ready to help you set up a program designed to help your employees be well.  Contact us for a demo or to learn more.
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