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Terryberry's research center helps HR professionals and business leaders stay up-to-date on the latest employee recognition research that affects today's businesses. Learn about best practices for recognizing employees with these informative whitepapers and research tools.

Whitepapers – Employee Recognition Research for Strategies

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Fueling Employee Engagement in Millennials Using 360 Recognition

Address the Top 5 indicators of employee engagement in Millennials with 360 Recognition strategies

Designing an Employee Recognition Program That Drives Morale

Learn best practices for service awards, peer-to-peer recognition, and successful employee awards in this whitepaper

Employee Recognition is Like Exercise...the more often you do it, the more results you'll see

Employee recognition is most effective when it's a daily habit.  Find out why and how to implement a discipline of regular recognition in your organization.

by Mike Byam, Terryberry, January 2014

4 Ways to Revitalize Your Employee Recognition Program

Revitalize an employee recognition program that has grown stale with these four strategies. 

by Mike Byam, Terryberry, January 2014

Making It Personal

Too often, service awards miss the mark. Employee recognition research shows that seven out of ten organizations have not made changes to their service award program in the last 10 years.

Staying Positive: 4 Ways Sales Managers Can Energize Their Teams for the Win

Sales leaders: Here are four tips for developing an awards program that gets results in these critical times.

Contributed by Terryberry for Selling Power Magazine November 2009

A.C.T. NOW Recognition

We landed on "A.C.T Now Recognition" as the catch phrase for this new program. The A.C.T portion is an acronym for Appropriate, Connected and Targeted.

by Greg Butterfield, Senior Partner, Terryberry, November 2009

How to WOW! Employees During Tough Economic Times

Here are 5 tips to help you maximize your recognition dollars in this economy.

by Mike Byam, Managing Partner, Terryberry, October 2009

Recognition as an Engagement Driver

Businesses could do themselves a world of good by revitalizing their recognition practices since it is their people who will carry the business through this difficult period. Here's how.

by Greg Butterfield, Senior Partner, Terryberry, August 2009

Employee Recognition Survey

Join other HR leaders by participating in this survey on employee recognition practices. Take the survey and see how your results compare with other businesses.