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Newsletter – Winter 2014

It is a great day in the employee recognition business!

We recently presented Building A WOW Recognition Culture  at the 2014 HRPA Conference in Toronto.  We had a great turnout with an active and engaged crowd, excited to talk about employee recognition.

At one point in in the presentation, the subject of recognition frequency came up. It generated some great dialog among the group.

One articulate HR Professional expressed concern over her supervisor’s habit of sending her an e-mail daily with the sole purpose of frequent recognition.  She felt telling her she was doing a good job each day would lessen the impact over time.  This comment spawned a good deal of interjection from other attendees.  It was neat to hear the responses. Many in the group referenced the idea that frequent recognition needs to come from multiple sources.  Recognition is everyone’s responsibility!  When everyone participates, it creates a spherical dynamic of a culture where people feel compelled to acknowledge contributions that support organizational goals and values.

Like a Baptist preacher, I wanted to shout, “Can I get an Amen!” But I didn’t.  I simply basked in the head nods and excitement of the group related to the power of recognition.  It’s encouraging to see that the desire to build those cultures continues to grow!

If building a culture of employee recognition is something you’d want to explore for your organization, potentially some of the great ideas we’ve outlined in this edition of Terryberry’s Recognition Bulletin can help.  If you’d like to dig even deeper, we’d happy to assist anyway we can! Just contact us to let us know how we can help.




Mike Byam
4th Generation Partner



Employee Recognition is Like Exercise…
the more you do it, the more results you’ll see

Imagine your friend has kicked off a new year’s resolution to be healthier by starting an exercise plan.  “I am committing to go to the gym every five years,” she says.

It might be better than never going to the gym at all, but you may find yourself wondering how to gently tell your friend that she’s probably not going to achieve her full potential for healthy results.

Yet, in the same way, many organizations have traditionally limited the impact of their employee recognition program in their culture.  They believe they have addressed their employees need for recognition because — after all — they have a program in place for employees to be recognized regularly….at their five- or ten-year career milestones.

Today, of course, businesses acknowledge that employees require positive feedback more than once every five years, and the most successful employee recognition programs are built to intentionally incorporate day-to-day and informal recognition in addition to their formal recognition events.

If your recognition program feels more like an isolated program than a part of your organization’s culture, frequency may be a point to consider.

Create a specific strategy for how to support recognition at three levels: day-to-day recognition, informal recognition, and formal recognition.

Day-to-day recognition is regular, appreciation and thanks for a job well done.  This is most often communicated directly and verbally from manager or peer to employee.

The second form of recognition is referred to as informal recognition. Informal recognition is loosely structured often within a team or department. A traveling trophy might be an example. Both the Day to Day and Informal recognition are about attitudes and behaviors. When the best time to use these simple tools?   …Right when the thought crosses your mind, do something about it.

Finally, there is the formal recognition program.  This is the one that is most familiar for most people. Formal recognition programs highlight accomplishments and significant contributions.  It’s typically the annual event for career milestones or sales awards.  Formal recognition is significant awards for significant contributions.

Think of it like this:  Day-to-Day Recognition is like working out. It’s the daily maintenance that keeps your team on pace.    Stay in shape by carving out the time to maintain relationships with daily positive reinforcement and appreciation.

Informal Recognition is like a monthly ultimate frisbee game.  Find creative ways to keep your team connected in a fun, positive way that supports your goals.

Formal Recognition is like the prize for finishing a marathon.  It’s the celebration for the major achievements that individuals and teams have worked so hard to achieve.

What can your organization do to enable and support each of the three forms?


Terryberry Acquires MeritShare, Growing Social Employee Recognition

This December, Terryberry announced the acquisition of Social Recognition Platform Provider MeritShare, an innovative employee recognition software company located in Seattle, WA.  MeritShare was founded with a mission to make recognition simple, fun, and social.  It was a great fit with Terryberry’s ongoing vision to create exciting and effective employee recognition platforms.  Terryberry’s established leadership and global presence in the employee recognition industry created an opportunity to help MeritShare customers grow their employee recognition programs.

About the great relationship that developed with Terryberry,  MeritShare founders Kevin Nakao and Travis Pearl said, “We’ve proven that peer recognition works, and we’re very happy Terryberry will help MeritShare customers take their recognition programs to the next level.”

It’s been exciting to welcome MeritShare’s customers into the Terryberry family.  Clients been delighted with the transition to Terryberry’s Give a WOW platform for social-media style employee recognition.  Additional features like Group Recognition, single sign-on, and tangible awards, combined with Give a WOW’s robust administration capabilities have been  embraced enthusiastically.

We look forward to continuing to help businesses achieve great results with their employee recognition programs.  Read thefull news release about Terryberry’s acquisition of MeritShare.


2014 Recognition Calendar Provides 12 Months of Employee Recognition Opportunities

The release of Terryberry’s popular Employee Recognition Calendar is eagerly awaited by HR professionals and managers alike each year.  Well, great news, you can download the 2014 Employee Recognition Calendar for yourself today!

Don’t miss an opportunity to recognize, reward or inspire this year.  Terryberry has compiled twelve months of employee recognition-themed holidays, such as National Thank You Day, National Nurse Appreciation Week, National Bosses Day, and other employee observance days in one spot.  The calendar also provides monthly employee recognition ideas and tips.

“There is remarkable power in saying to a valued colleague or employee: ‘Thank you. Your efforts matter,'” says Terryberry’s Managing Partner Mike Byam.  “It will make someone’s day and give that individual the boost they need to continue to pursue their goals with enthusiasm. The Recognition Calendar is one tool in a manager’s arsenal that helps him or her to say the right words at the right time to have the most impact.”

The 2014 Employee Recognition Calendar is the newest in Terryberry’s library of tools designed to help organizations build a culture of employee recognition in the workplace, which also includes HR webinars, worksheets, case studies and other resources.  The calendar is also integrated with Terryberry’s iRecognize app

for Android and iPhone.  The app allows users to send ecards and share recognition via Facebook and Twitter on commemorative dates. The Recognition Calendar and iRecognize app are both offered at no charge to visitors who download the tools from Terryberry’s website.


Build a Magnetic Culture- Don’t Miss an Exclusive Webinar with Best-Selling Author Kevin Sheridan

You’re invited to join us for an exciting webcast as Terryberry’s Mike Byam hosts New York Times Best-selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Kevin SheridanIn this webcast, Mike Byam, Managing Partner of  Terryberry hosts Best-Selling Author and Employee Engagement Expert Kevin Sheridan in a candid discussion about how to create a positive workplace culture that engages employees to perform at their best potential.

As a special bonus, Modern Survey will be sponsoring a Free, autographed copy of Kevin’s book “Building a Magnetic Culture” to the first 150 people to register!

In this 60-minute webcast Kevin Sheridan shares strategies from his book “Building a Magnetic Culture” to help leaders identify the factors that engage and motivate employees and guide employers on how to create an environment in which employees can thrive.  Not only that, but Kevin and Mike will address your questions from the audience about engaging your employees in your organization’s unique culture.

Don’t miss this exciting webinar! You’ll learn…

  • What are the common characteristics of a Magnetic Culture
  • What research says about the drivers have the biggest impact on employee engagement
  • Methods and practical examples of employee recognition have you seen to be successful in businesses
  • What are de-magnetizers and what leaders can do to overcome them.
  • What is the employee’s role in a magnetic culture and what is management’s role

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 About Kevin Sheridan

For nearly 30 years, Kevin Sheridan has been a high-level Human Capital Management consultant and is one of the most sought after voices in the world on the topic of Employee Engagement. Kevin is a best-selling author of Building a Magnetic Culture®, published by McGraw-Hill, which appeared on six Best Seller lists, including:  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, Barnes&, and The Washington Post.  He is also the author of The Virtual Manager, published by Career Press; a book which offers cutting-edge solutions to successfully managing remote workers and virtual work teams.

About Mike Byam

Mike Byam is the author of The WOW! Workplace, and Managing Partner of the Terryberry Company, an international firm that specializes in developing, implementing, and managing employee recognition programs for organizations worldwide. Mike has presented recognition seminars for groups around the globe. He has also consulted with hundreds of organizations – from family businesses to Fortune 500 companies – to develop recognition strategies for employee retention and performance improvement. When he is not busy championing the advancement of employee recognition awareness around the globe, Mike is an Ironman triathlete and multi-time marathoner. His experiences lend him a unique perspective on personal motivation and inspiration, and how they affect everyone in today’s fast-changing workplace.


Inside Terryberry: Meet Shipping Guru, Charlene

Get to know one of the faces behind the delivery of your employee recognition awards from Terryberry. Charlene has been Terryberry’s shipping manager for over 20 years. Charlene invests personal pride and astonishing energy into making sure our clients’ employee recognition awards and products are shipped to deliver on time and in great condition.  Watch the video!

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