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Newsletter – Spring 2015

Terryberry’s Employee Recognition Best Practices

It is a great day in the employee recognition business!

Sure every day is, but in the past few months we’ve witnessed the tide rising in search of employee engagement, employee recognition and infrastructure to support those efforts.

Just recently, we were doing a Recognition University class for a client, talking with their managers and executives about the importance of employee recognition, sharing ideas and implementing strategies about how to make the greatest impact on their employees.

As we were talking with different groups in the organization, each had different communication needs depending on their roles.

The leadership group needed to know how the recognition program was going to engage their employees and the communication details.  Executives wanted to understand what success would look like and how it would impact the goals they were trying to achieve in their business.

Managers wanted more functional information. How does it work?  How do I give recognition to my team members?

And individual contributors want to know why the program is in place.  What are the mission, vision, and values it is designed to support?

As an HR Professional, what’s your role?  If you are in the position of overseeing the recognition program in your business, it can be helpful to consider the different needs of different stakeholders.  A recognition provider like Terryberry can help with tailored communication resources designed to help each group understand how they can impact success.

Contact us to start the conversation.



  Mike Byam
4th Generation Partner


NSF International – An Employee Recognition Case Study

Business experts agree that an organization can have a great product, a bullet-proof business plan, and top-notch marketing, yet all of these components are not enough to ensure success.  Without engaged employees, organizations will struggle to prosper.

As a result, CEOs are on the hunt for the silver bullet of employee recognition best practices to help them gain the edge when it comes to engaging their people with the mission, vision and values of the business.  It turns out that the throwing money and perks at employees is not the answer to the employee engagement question.

Studies show that the #1 driver of employee engagement is very simple and costs almost nothing.  Employees want recognition for their contributions.

NSF International, a fast-growing public health and safety organization based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is taking employee recognition seriously. Knowing that employees thrive on being recognized for their contributions, and wanting to demonstrate the high value they place on their people, NSF International has built a progressive employee recognition program that harnesses power of employee appreciation built on their seven core values.

The program reaches all of their 2,100+ employees located across the globe including the US, Canada, China, South Africa the UK and India.  Since the greatest challenge with employee recognition is giving employees enough of it, NSF implemented a process whereby anyone in the organization could recognize any employeeanywhere among their worldwide locations, any time an employee is seen demonstrating NSF’s core values.

NSF acknowledged the importance of getting managers’ support and participation for their employee recognition program, so they’ve taken a proactive approach to educate managers on the value of the program.  Take a look at this fun video NSF’s HR department developed to communicate “what’s in it for them” to their front line managers to get ideas for your own organization on how to encourage manager participation in your recognition program.

Join us for a Live Webinar Interview with Julie Woodruff of NSF.  Click to Register.

Behind the Scenes – Handcrafting Your Custom Logo Awards at Terryberry

Ever wondered what goes into the making of your organization’s custom logo awards fromTerryberry?  It’s probably more than you imagined.  Watch this video to see how much love and attention goes into the hand-crafting of your organization’s recognition awards.

Step by step, professional craftspeople and women painstakingly take raw gold or silver or other precious metals and turn it into your organization’s jewelry-quality emblem.  These emblems become the awards your recipients are proud to earn.

Terryberry’s artists start with your logo or symbol.  Using state-of-the-art software, Terryberry’s CAD experts Jeremy and Don create dimensional artwork which will be used to tool your organization’s emblem.

Specialized high-tech robots begin the tasks for machining the die and polishing the emblems.

When Bruce fires up the kiln, molten gold or silver goes in and the cast emblem comes out glowing red.  After 30+ years, Bruce knows exactly how long he needs to let the hot metal cool before he quickly takes it off the tongs with bare fingers.

Rosie the Robot is up next.  (She is affectionately named after the robot maid from the Jetsons cartoon of the 80s.)  Rosie rubs out the rough edges.  Then she hands it off to Janet or Trucly or another of Terryberry’s many expert polishers in the pin department who finely polish and inspect and polish some more until the emblem meets their exacting standards.

Are You Over-Appreciated at Work?

Are you sick and tired of people telling you how much they appreciate you at work?

Are your employees bogged down by all of the positive comments about their contributions?

Is there an excessive amount of praise and recognition happening daily in your workplace?

If so, Recognition University is not for you.

Terryberry’s Recognition University provides training programs designed to arm Business Leaders, Front Line Managers, and HR Professionals with an understanding of why Employee Recognition is important and with real-world ideas for employee recognition best practices.

Contact us to find out about Recognition University training for your organization or business group.

Recognition Tool for Managers

HR Professionals report that the number one change that could make their recognition programs more successful is more participation and support from front-line managers. 

The trouble is, managers can’t be everywhere at once; one manager can’t see all of the contributions of each team member every time.  And managers are busy. They have a lot of tasks and priorities that require attention. 
Terryberry’s AwardYourTeam tool makes recognition accessible and simple for managers, so that more of the important contributions in your organization get the recognition they deserve.

AwardYourTeam gives group leaders the tools at their fingertips to recognize and reward their staff for great work.

It’s a powerful, yet cost-effective platform that makes it simple for managers to give their employees the recognition they need to thrive.  Managers can reward their teams on the spot for great work, review nominations from peers, and access powerful reports to spot rising stars and identify mentoring opportunities.

A layered, permissions-based structure enables managers, supervisors and directors to oversee their groups and a budget to recognize their teams.  Tiered admin levels are available for teams, departments, locations and divisions.

Find out More about AwardYourTeam.

Employee Recognition in Real Life

Join us as Mike Byam of Terryberry hosts Julie Woodruff of NSF International for an informative webinar that shares a behind-the-scenes look at NSF’s progressive employee recognition program.

In this live interview event, Julie will share a rare inside perspective of how NSF successfully developed, launched, and currently promotes and maintains their internal peer-to-peer recognition platform.

Attendees will learn strategies that they can apply in their own organizations.

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