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Terryberry’s innovative employee benefits platform can enhance your brand

August 2, 2023

As businesses across every industry sector compete for the top talent, the importance of a comprehensive employee benefits platform in the UK cannot be overstated.

HR managers have been set a challenging task to attract and retain personnel whilst optimising efficiency, and for this, the right tools are essential.

The Importance Of Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are a powerful tool in attracting job seekers to your business. They demonstrate your understanding of the needs of the demographic that you are trying to attract, your commitment to improving the quality of life of your workforce and your company culture.

The right benefits can make a staggering difference to your EVP and set you apart from your competition, as can choosing the best employee benefits software in the UK.

Essential Qualities Of Employee Benefits Software in the UK

  1. Easy to manage. HR staff are rarely afforded the luxury of time, and have a substantial to-do list without adding the management of a complex benefits software solution to it. To be effective, an employee benefits online portal needs to be intuitive, streamlined and efficient.
  2. Improve communication. The selected system should automatically update users as to the availability of new offers and changes to their benefits. It should provide educational resources and signposting to maximise uptake of the available benefits within the platform.
  3. Data-driven insights. The software should provide helpful analytics and data to support decision-making. It should provide a comprehensive overview of employee benefit preferences and uptake to allow offerings to be updated, changed or tailored to better align with the needs of the workforce.
  4. Save cost and time. The selected employee benefits platform should reduce the administrative burden for HR managers rather than adding to it. It should streamline and automate processes where possible, reduce paperwork and allow the HR department to focus on value-added activities.
  5. Deliver a personalised user experience. Employees are more inclined to engage with a system that they can personalise, displaying their preferred information in a format that makes sense to them. When a system addresses the needs of its users, it increases their satisfaction, curiosity and well-being.
  6. Compliant with data security requirements. Sensitive employee information must be protected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 [1] and General Data Protection Regulations [2]. It is essential that the chosen employee benefits software complies with these standards to pre-empty any legal issues.
  7. Offer a range of benefits. Benefits should not be limited to those that offer purely financial gains. They can include healthcare plans and retirement options, in addition to measures to enhance employee wellness and guides to improving work-life balance. By offering a range of benefits, it is possible to appeal to the entirety of the workforce and to increase uptake in the available benefits.

How Employee Benefits Software as a Service (SaaS) Works

As cloud-hosted services become more common, businesses have begun to question their reliance on traditional employee benefits platforms. Employee benefits SaaS platforms are now widely available, and they offer a number of benefits which can be highly attractive to businesses.

They offer greater scalability and flexibility. Users can access the platform from any device and location, increasing uptake of the available benefits. The cost is flexible too, based upon the number of users accessing the platform, which can aid with budgeting.

Employee enrolment is simplified with the use of an intuitive online portal which eases the burden on HR managers and increases employee engagement and satisfaction.

Upgrades are automatically managed, reducing the requirement for IT department input and adjustments to the IT infrastructure to accommodate changes. As the SaaS provider is responsible for updates and upgrades, this also increases data security.

Terryberry's Solution Can Satisfy Your Employee Benefits Platform Needs

Terryberry's employee benefits SaaS platform is a powerful online portal which delivers all of the benefits and essential qualities detailed above. Our comprehensive platform acts as a central hub for all of the employee benefits that your business wishes to offer, whilst our tailored advice and support will maximise your RoI.

The HR landscape will continue to evolve, and businesses that wish to remain at the forefront of their industry need to deploy modern strategies for success to attract and retain the top talent. Skilled employees consider the entirety of the job offering when selecting between competing job offers, so creating a desirable and accessible benefits package will set your business apart.

Our employee benefits platform in the UK will revolutionise the way in which you deliver employee benefits to your workforce, simplify your administration and data security requirements and save you time and money. To find out more or to see a demonstration, please contact us today.