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Green Car Schemes: Environmentally-Friendly Employee Benefits

May 4, 2022

Employee Benefits which help the Environment

Green Car Scheme

We're very proud our fantastic UK Green Car scheme (provided in partnership with Tusker) helped offset 637 tonnes of carbon in 2021, on behalf of our drivers ordering greener cars (45% of these were fully electric vehicles!).

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Not only does this great employee benefit scheme save employees money with a hassle-free inclusive car package, it also helps eliminate carbon dioxide emissions when driving therefore considerably reducing air pollution.

We’re also proud to work in partnership with Halfords, offering employees a brilliant Cycle to Work scheme which allows them to save on a brand-new bike and accessories whilst spreading the cost.

From 2020 - 2021, over 500 cyclists ordered their bikes through our scheme, and with 44% of these bikes being Electric or Hybrid, we’re delighted that more people are enjoying the benefits of cycling and helping to reduce congestion, noise and air pollution.

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