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How To Celebrate Christmas With Remote Employees

November 4, 2022

Remote Employee Christmas Gift

As an employer finding ways to celebrate Christmas with the whole team is demanding. Now with a large percentage of the UK working population in remote or hybrid positions, the task is even harder.

As restrictions prevented social events, many businesses adopted new ways to celebrate events and recognise remote employees. But now with covid thankfully behind us and lockdown restrictions a thing of the past. It begs the question, how should organisations celebrate and recognise their remote and hybrid employees this year?

The Rise of the Hybrid worker

Hybrid and remote working was almost unheard of until 2020. Before the pandemic, only one in ten employees had the option to work from their sofa. Now, after two years of hybrid and remote working, it's estimated that a fifth of UK employees now work from home.

Demand for remote and hybrid work remains high. With 50% of employees wanting some form of hybrid working and 20% preferring a fully remote working arrangement.

Remote and hybrid working brings many benefits, from lower commuting costs to extra time at home to handle family obligations. With an improved work-life balance, it's clear to see why remote and hybrid working appeals to so many.

Hybrid and remote workers also benefit employers. Offering remote working improves employee wellbeing and productivity. Remote working also keeps organisations competitive in recruitment as a better work-life balance becomes a focus for many employees.

Why recognition is essential for remote workers

As more businesses adopt remote and hybrid working, employee engagement becomes more significant. Businesses must work harder to keep employees motivated and satisfied in their roles.

Remote workers are more susceptible to low morale as they aren't in the office environment. Many remote workers admit that loneliness is a big drawback and can affect their work. Others feel as though their health and wellness is neglected when working from home.

Fully remote and hybrid workers are also often overlooked when it comes to recognition within the workplace. As they are not present in the office their work sometimes isn't appreciated as much as other employees. Without recognition, employees will quickly lose focus and motivation to finish their work effectively. Recognising remote employees significantly improves their mental health, encourages retention and improves overall job performance.

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When to Recognise Remote Employees 

Hybrid and remote workers are no strangers to low morale and burnout. Overworking and limited social interactions can lead to your remote and hybrid workers crashing. Consequently, damaging their wellbeing and work performance.

A great way to get employees to bounce back is through employee recognition. Recognising remote and hybrid employees keeps struggling staff engaged and satisfied working for your company. But to boost engagement and productivity, recognition must be valuable and frequent.

There are many ways to recognise employees, whether it be social, verbal or written recognition. Which ever you pick, any kind of recognition will help improve employees' morale and attitude toward work.

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Most companies will only offer recognition for significant milestones or after outstanding work. However, other annual events, like Christmas, are great times to recognise and show your employees how much you value them.

Employee Recognition at Christmas and the Cost of Living Crisis

Recognising employees this year is more critical than ever. With the cost of living affecting over 90% of UK households, some of your staff are likely struggling outside of work.

It is now up to employers to find ways to appreciate and support staff. Consequently, many employers are integrating their usual Christmas celebrations with ways to support employees financially. Thereby helping employees coast through this challenging period.

How to recognise hybrid and remote employees this Christmas 

There are many ways to recognise and appreciate your employees this Christmas. Organisations are finding ways to help employees enjoy Christmas, from hosting inclusive events to offering support schemes and gifts.

Christmas parties are great events to celebrate the end of the year with staff. A Christmas party can bring the team together, helping build relationships and celebrate the year's achievements. Encouraging social interaction significantly benefits employees by increasing happiness, lowering stress, and boosting employee engagement. 

However, not all employees enjoy and value social activities. Some may gain little satisfaction from social events and prefer other types of recognition at Christmas.

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Christmas gifts for remote employees

The cost of living is affecting us all and is devastating the mental and financial wellbeing of those affected. This Christmas is a chance for employers to help your remote employees' wellbeing by offering Christmas gifts for remote employees.

Employee Christmas gifts are a personalised and effective way to appreciate your employees this Christmas. Gifts allow employers to thank individuals for their hard work over the year and give staff something to enjoy over Christmas.

Why are Christmas gifts for remote employees important

Christmas gifts for remote employees is a great way to recognise their contributions and show your appreciation. Physical celebrations can often be a challenge to organise and are generally inconvenient for remote employees. Gift-giving can be a great way to bring a sense of belonging and appreciation this Christmas.

Staff Christmas gifts can offer much more satisfaction, too, especially if staff can choose their own gifts from a gift range.

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Choosing Christmas Gifts for remote employees is challenging. Most employers will purchase some kind of desk ornaments or office-related gadgets for their remote employees. Gifting remote employees a generic gift doesn't provide the same valuable recognition as a personalised gift would. For example instead of a new desk accessory, you could offer a gift hamper filled with your employees' favourite food.

Choosing the right gift is just as important as offering Christmas gifts for remote employees. Terryberry's Christmas gift solution allows employees to select their gifts, giving them valuable recognition.

remote employee redeeming Christmas gifts

Choose your own Gift With Terryberry

Finding the right gift can be difficult, especially with a diverse team of staff. Choosing a gift such as a hamper to meet everyone's needs is challenging. Employees may share different religions location and dietary requirements- making it difficult for employers to choose one gift for all.

There may also be a disconnect between employers and employees making Christmas gifts for remote employees challenging to choose. A lack of a close relationship may result in poor gift-giving and a wasted recognition opportunity.

Allowing employees to choose their own gift guarantees satisfaction as they can choose a gift they will value. Terryberry offers a wide selection of luxury gifts, hampers experiences and essential gift cards for employees to choose from. Allowing employees to choose their own gift diminishes the chances of unhappy employees.

Many employees are also feeling the pinch leading up to winter and plan to cut down their spending this Christmas. Help reduce employees financial stress by offering essential supermarket and high street gift vouchers. Offering gift vouchers can help spread the cost this Christmas giving employees some respite and allowing them to relax over Christmas.

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