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How a tailored employee benefits platform will increase utilisation

September 6, 2023

62% of employees value the ability to personalise their benefits package [1]. Today's businesses recognise the importance of a diverse workforce to productivity, and with diversity comes the need to recognise each person for their background, experience, preferences, interests and needs.

This can prove challenging to many businesses, so many of them continue to offer a standard, off-the-shelf set of benefits to their workforce, but in the majority of cases, this is no longer good enough. Not only are the UK workforce becoming more demanding about receiving the benefits to which they are entitled, but the ease with which this can be achieved is continually evolving, and it is becoming increasingly demanding to manage.

Terryberry's SAAS employee benefits platform

Terryberry is an industry-leading employee benefits platform provider that offers a software solution which focuses on personalisation. Using an intuitive and endlessly customisable dashboard, seamless integration with a business' existing IT toolset and advanced data analytics, we have created a personalised benefits hub which meets the needs of every employee in your workforce.

By creating and delivering a personalised benefits experience, employees typically feel more valued and respected. They become more inclined to engage with their employer, and the uptake and utilisation of the benefits on offer increases. This increase in utilisation often correlates with improved employee satisfaction and greater levels of productivity.

Capabilities of Terrberry's SAAS employee benefits platform

Personalisation aside, our employee benefits platform offers increased functionality and some exciting capabilities that set it apart from the competition.

1. Supports agile decision making

Our platform delivers real-time feedback on benefits uptake and employee engagement and feedback, allowing HR managers and senior leadership teams to act immediately to address employee concerns. By understanding where areas for improvement exist, it is possible to implement tailored solutions to address them, easing the burden on employees and increasing satisfaction.

Terryberry's employee benefits platform empowers employees to communicate openly and honestly about what truly matters to them and provides the data necessary for managers to make agile decisions and implement targeted interventions.

2. Creates a culture of social responsibility

An employer is responsible for the mental, physical, financial and emotional well-being of their employees, and Terryberry's employee benefits platform allows managers to perform this vital function through the collection and analysis of real-time data.

In addition, businesses using Terryberry's platform can reinforce their commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility through the availability of charitable initiatives and sustainable practices.

82% of employees believe that their employer should support them in making sustainable choices [2], so Terryberry's employee benefits package provides the medium through which this desire can become a reality.

3. Provides a social connection

With increasing numbers of employees choosing to work flexibly, on home-based or hybrid working patterns, maintaining office camaraderie can be more difficult than in traditional office-based workforce environments.

Up to 75% of millennials now communicate via digital means more than they do face to face [3], so Terryberry's employee benefits platform creates a means by which social collaboration is not only enabled but encouraged.

The platform helps workplaces to foster a sense of belonging to a team, combating feelings of loneliness and promoting overall well-being, which contributes to a healthier, happier and better connected workforce.

4. Nurtures a continuous improvement culture

The way in which our platform integrates with your existing IT systems enables an employee's learning pathway to be mapped within the benefits package, offering the ability to unlock additional benefits based on the achievement of selected success criteria.

By connecting continuous improvement and benefits, it is possible to motivate an employee to pursue additional training, to identify future career aspirations and to recognise the benefits of progressing within the organisation.

When an employee feels empowered to improve themselves, they become invested in the business that supports them in achieving their aspirations, and they become more resilient to the challenges that they encounter.

5. Makes achieving success fun

Our innovative platform incorporates elements of gamification, challenging employees to engage in healthy competition and promoting their achievements. By enabling employees to access milestones and added benefits, they become more motivated to participate and collaborate, thereby elevating performance and productivity in the workplace.

In conclusion

Terryberry is a renowned employee benefits platform provider with a proven recipe for success. By combining cutting-edge technology with our in-depth understanding as to what employees want, we have created a solution that redefines employee benefits, is accessible, intuitive and meets the diverse needs of the workforce.

Please contact our team today to find out how our platform can redefine your employee benefits offering.