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Winners Announced from Terryberry's Spot Recognition Webcast in June

June 24, 2010

from Terryberry’s Spot Recognition Webcast in June

to Accelerate Employee Performance
We asked you to “WOW us and WIN!” with your best spot recognition stories. Thank you for sharing! During the webcast on June 8th, we gave several great prizes. Congratulations to our winners!

Erin received Terryberry’s Recognize Me! Performance Kit – Everything you need to motivate, congratulate, and recognize employees in the moment. Erin said, “We use Service Excellence and each month a team of employees goes through the nominations submitted by peers/supervisors/patients/visitors and we determine the level of recognition – every nomination gets $1 buck to spend and some get $2 – $3 depending on the nomination and then some people depending on the level of SE get recognized at a lunch and one special nomination gets the Circle of Excellence award and that has to be a really outstanding effort – we don’t have these every month! Once we make decisions on the SE winners we do balloon patrol and recognize these outstanding individuals by delivering a balloon bouquet to them with an invitation to the lunch – this is done during the work day and in front of their peers!”

Sigrid received a copy of “The WOW! Workplace” by Mike Byam. In this book, you’ll find page after page of real-world recognition ideas from top businesses. A practical guide and great training tool for management teams. Sigrid said, “I had a site that focused on breakfast, specifically about pigs. Chickens and cows offer a lot but pigs (bacon), they are committed. Anytime someone was discovered doing something that was really committed to the organization, they received some type of pig item. There were pig stickers for your EE badge that were coveted by all!”
Spot recognition – or spontaneous recognition for above and beyond performance – has long been used by effective managers. In today’s economy, spot recognition is a low-cost way to significantly impact morale and retention of your top performers. Learn the fundamentals about this form of recognition and get ideas for how to use Recognize Me’s spot recognition tools to change your team’s culture and accelerate performance.
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