6 HR Best Practices to Recognize Long-Term Employees

Recognizing employees for their long-term service is among the most established  HR best practices, but is your organization doing service awards effectively? 80% of organizations have a service awards program in place. Yet most employees don’t feel adequately recognized for their work.  With a few simple tweaks, your service awards program can do more to engage, retain […]

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Service Awards Event Honors Long-Term Employees

December 7, 2016

  Earlier this fall, Terryberry honored employees that reached special milestone anniversaries with the company.  The service awards event at Terryberry is an annual get together that we look forward to each year.   All employees are invited, and we celebrate each other’s significant contributions with co-workers and loved ones.  It’s a big part of our company […]

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6 Best Practices for Service Awards Programs

November 29, 2016

80% of organizations today have a service awards program in place.  If your oganization is a start-up and beginning to explore a service awards program, here are some tips to help you get started.  And if you’ve had a service awards program in place for many years, these guidelines may offer new ideas for keeping […]

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