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Recognition and Rewards Build Employee Engagement

August 6, 2013

A recent article by Katie Bascuas posted on reinforces that praise coupled with rewards has a direct impact on employee or member engagement.
Whether an organization is looking to engage their employees, volunteers, or members, positive reinforcement combined with rewards is a key combination.
Bascuas cites several instances where member-based organizations were able to positively impact member engagement by using recognition combined with tangible rewards.  Examples include the American Optometric Association, which experienced success with their “Now You’ve Gone and Done it!” peer nomination program.  Another example was National Association of Realtors, which implemented a rewards program that encouraged engagement with their online training and resources.
The successes of these programs reinforce that recognition and rewards are not only an important way to build morale, but also effective tools to impact key organizational strategies.


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  • Bob Bennett says:

    I think peer recognition programs are a great idea because it gives employees the ability to recognize those who really deserve it. Not every employee is going to shine in front of management but that doesn’t mean they don’t get an immense amount of work done behind the scenes.

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