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Creative Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

March 4, 2021

Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner. This annual event occurs on Friday, March 4th this year, and it is an excellent opportunity for companies to show their gratitude for all the hard work their employees do — day-in and day-out.

Employees who feel more appreciated tend to be more motivated and productive, with companies enjoying higher retention rates and enhanced company culture. That’s why companies should do all they can to show their appreciation during these uncertain times. Here are a few ideas.

Get Creative

Here at Terryberry, we understand that showing appreciation to employees can make a massive difference. Our team offers a wide range of unique and meaningful options for your company.
In that spirit, we have created an Adult Coloring Book that you can share with your employees. It’s an excellent stress buster with a positive message that is perfect for you or a frazzled co-worker to use to unwind. This free resource can be easily gifted to employees to help them through the challenges of remote working, as well as being a resource they can come back to time after time. Download the coloring book today. Here are some additional creative ideas for how to use it.

  • Afternoon coloring and coffee break to destress in the middle of the day
  • Thank you gift to a team member
  • Contest showcasing the completed artwork and voting on their favorite
  • Virtual and real wall to showcase the artwork, similar to posting kids artwork on a refrigerator
  • Coloring Club, similar to a book club
  • Happy hour coloring session

Show Some Love

A fun way to bring people together is to create a DIY award show to award employees for their unique qualities. You can do this in a fun way by creating video messages for your employees congratulating them on being awesome. Alternatively, you could make several categories and get employees to vote for each other. If you’re a fan of The Office, think “The Dundies” (hopefully without getting banned from a Chili’s).

Get Active

The last couple of years have shown us that with Zoom and some creativity, anything is possible. While many of your staff might still be working from home, you can still do many activities online. For example, you could arrange for activities throughout the day to encourage your employees to get away from their desks. Yoga, meditation, and long walks are all easy to organize with the use of electronic devices. All of these activities focus on self-care and mindfulness, which reduce stress and help individuals be more focused.

An active morning or afternoon will help your employees take their minds off work for a little while and focus more on their self-care.

Get Interactive

Another way you can utilize technology is to run interactive activities during lunch or at the end of the workday. Many online platforms allow people to play games together no matter where they are. The increased social interaction will help your team feel connected and create a nice vibe to end the week. Some examples of activities that can run virtually include escape rooms and quizzes.
These activities can bring your team closer together in a fun and playful way.

Need more ideas? Reach out to us to find something that will work best for your team.


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