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5 Appreciation Gifts That Everyone Appreciates

February 20, 2012

Want to let your employees know you appreciate their efforts?    Here are 5 ways you can do just that.

Hint: These work for everyone…Your spouse/child/parent/friend will feel 10 feet tall when you apply these techniques at home, too.

1.  Affirming Words – Write a note.  Send a text.  Call just to say thanks.  Be specific about what he or she did to earn your appreciation.
2. Your Time – Take him or her to lunch.  Invite them to an important meeting.  Attend a seminar together.  Request their input on an important project you are working on.  Face time is an increasingly rare and precious gift these days.
3. Pat on the Back handshake/high five/fist bump –   Physical touch (in an appropriate context, of course) is a meaningful sign of affirmation and respect in most cultures.
4.  Tangible Award– give something tangible as a symbol of your appreciation.  The monetary value of an appreciation gift  should be relative to the contribution it represents.
5.   Personal Support –  invest in people on a personal level.  Learn about what’s important to them.  Take an interest in their endeavors, challenges, and successes.    Look for ways to support them and help them grow.   Demonstrate that their success is important to you and that you believe in their abilities.
Master these 5 techniques with your employees (or anyone else who is important to you) and you will  foster healthy and productive relationships.


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  • Al Smith says:

    This is Great. Could not agree more. Appreciate is the “A” in CARE. It is so important. Along with Communicate, Respect and Encourage, it is the way to really CARE about your employees, your family and people. Thanks again for all you do.

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