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Increase Employee Engagement with Your Recognition Program

Employees need to know about your recognition program in order to be impacted by it.  An effective communication plan is important for launching an employee recognition plan, as well as maintaining enthusiasm and participation over time.  Terryberry can help you create and implement a communication strategy that will drive awareness, participation and results.

Terryberry provides a large selection of promotional items that can be branded for your organization or customized with your recognition program’s brand message.  Small gift items can be a great way to announce or remind employees about your recognition program.    Browse our selection of promotional products, or contact us for ideas.

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5 Marketing Tips for Your Employee Recognition Program

1. Brand your employee recognition program

Align your recognition program with your organization’s brand.  Consider using a unique name, tagline or symbol for your recognition program that will catch your participants’ attention and keep your message consistent.

2. Launch your recognition program

Help employees understand why the program is in place and what it is meant to accomplish.  A great way is a message from the company leadership in an all-hands meeting or other all-employee message.

3.  Keep your recognition program visible

Display communication materials that are visible to employees at all times to remind them of your employee recognition program and how to participate. 

4. Communicate Progress

Keep participants in the loop as your organization progresses toward its goals.  Be sure to tie employee contributions to these successes.

5. Publicize Earned Awards

Make a big deal in your organization when employees earn awards. Share what recipients did to earn recognition and how they were awarded.  This will encourage others to strive toward similar achievements

5 Marketing Tips for Your Employee Recognition Program

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