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Program Launch & Promotion

Launch Your Employee Recognition Program

Use these resources to get your recognition program off to a great start!

When you roll out a new employee recognition initiative in your organization, it’s important to communicate to your group why the program is being implemented, and how employees can participate and be recognized.

Terryberry has helped hundreds of organizations successfully launch employee recognition programs and maintain participation over time. We can help you design a communication plan to engage your employees with your new program.  Watch this video for innovative launch program ideas.

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1. Announce Your Employee Recognition Program

Tell your employees about your new recognition program – why the recognition program is in place and how it works.

1. Announce Your Employee Recognition Program

2. Build Excitement with a Launch Video

Create buzz and build awareness about your recognition program with fun launch video.  360 Recognition clients, Terryberry can create a custom launch video for you.  Contact us to learn more.

Watch a sample Employee Recognition Program Launch video.

3. Make it Fun!

Small gift items can be a great way to announce or remind employees about your recognition program. Promotional items that can be branded for your organization or customized with your recognition program’s brand message. Browse our selection of promotional products, or contact us for ideas.

Browse Promo Ideas – USA

Browse Promo Ideas – CANADA

3. Make it Fun!

4. Woohoo! You’re in the Program! What’s Next?

Show your participants step-by-step how to get started in your recognition program.  For 360 Recognition participants, this video shows how to get set up and start giving recognition. Learn how to login for the first time, upload your photo, sync with Facebook/Twitter, follow peers, and give some recognition.

5. Download the Free 360 Recognition App!

Give recognition on the go! We’ve got an app for that! Connect to your 360 Recognition or Give a WOW account through our free Android and iPhone apps.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

5. Download the Free 360 Recognition App!

6. What to Say and How to Say It!

Encourage and motivate employees by learning the language of recognition. These employee recognition words will help you get started!

6. What to Say and How to Say It!

Tips for Successfully Communicating a Program Launch:

  • Roll out the resources above in a span of 2 months to ensure optimal employee population reach.
  • Posters can do double duty: highlight your organization’s core values and remind employees to give recognition when they see them in action.
  • It takes 11.3 impressions for a message to stick! You can’t over communicate!
Tips for Successfully Communicating a Program Launch:
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