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Program Development

Developing Your Employee Recognition Program

Effective employee recognition starts with your organization’s core values, and the Attitudes, Behaviors and Contributions that are important to the success of your business.  We’ll help you design and implement an employee recognition program that supports your organization’s mission by engaging your employees with your vision.

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Blueprint for Effective Employee Rewards & Recognition

Terryberry’s approach is designed to help you create an authentic culture of recognition. We can tailor a solution for your organization’s needs and can help with any or all of the steps along the way, including…

  • Educate
    Terryberry’s Recognition University helps leaders understand why employee recognition is important and how to do it right.
  • Design
    Terryberry’s expertise is helping our clients develop employee recognition programs, platforms & tools that make recognition work.
  • Communicate
    Terryberry offers online and offline communication tools to ensure your recognition program is visible to participants.
  • Award
    We provide awards and recognition products that reinforce your message of appreciation.
  • Support
    Terryberry provides dedicated support along the way to ensure that you have the resources to effectively recognize your people.
Blueprint for Effective Employee Rewards & Recognition

Crawl > Walk > Run!

Your organization’s employee recognition culture may involve day-to-day recognition, informal recognition, and formal recognition.

Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform allows you to get plugged in at any stage of the process, and grow as your needs grow.  We offer modules for all of your organization’s recognition goals – both now and in the future. This flexible format allows you to roll out recognition on your timeline, allowing your group to embrace and understand each component of your recognition program, what you are trying to accomplish, and how it works.

Terryberry’s recognition experts have developed recognition programs for more clients than any other provider in the industry.  We are ready to help you successfully navigate this process and help you develop a program that meets your needs.  Contact us to get started! 


Crawl > Walk > Run!

Selecting Awards

Terryberry offers awards options for any level of achievement, from everyday contributions to major achievements and milestones. Check out our products for award ideas and types of recognition awards.


Selecting Awards

Launching Your Recognition Program

Implementation: Putting the infrastructure in place for your recognition programs at the outset will position you for success with your program. Terryberry can help with all aspects of managing and administering your program:

Online administration dashboards

SSO integration with your other HR systems

Program management

Award fulfillment

Recognition reports, and much more.

Communication: Terryberry provides communication tools to help your employees understand the criteria for awards and recognition, why the program is in place, what it is meant to accomplish.

Promoting Your Program: We’ll show you ways to promote your recognition and service award programs. By publicizing and promoting your program, you can motivate employees to participate as well as increase the prestige associated with awards.

Recognition Training: Terryberry offers on-site or web-based training to help you educate your organization’s managers on why learning to effectively recognize employees is important and how your recognition program works.

These criteria, along with other organizational specific input, help maximize the benefits of your employee reward and recognition programs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organization.

Launching Your Recognition Program
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