Salary Sacrifice Schemes

Maximise and strengthen engagement with a salary sacrifice solution that will attract and retain your employees.


Help your employees save each month with our salary sacrifice schemes

Businessman parking his bicycle in town at a bicycle rack after commuting to work in a concept of eco-friendly transport and healthy active lifestyle, panoramic banner view

Cycle To Work Schemes

Save money, stay healthy and do your bit for the environment with our cycle to work scheme. With thousands of bikes and accessories, including top cycling brands, there's something for everyone.

Salary car scheme

Green Car Schemes

Our car benefit scheme helps employees save monthly on a brand-new car. With payments taken before tax, employees can enjoy savings on a new vehicle, insurance road tax, tyre replacement, MOT and much more.


Home Tech

Home Electronics

Access the most up-to-date home and electronics products from big retailers without the big costs with payments spread over 12-18 months.


Cycle to Work

Cycle to Work is part of a government initiative that encourages more people to commute by bike, enabling people to make healthier choices and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. This scheme is run via salary sacrifice, allowing employees to make savings of up to 47% on the cost of a new bike and accessories.


Green Car Schemes

A clever way to offer your employees a brand-new car, for a fixed monthly amount. Employees offset some of their salary and can enjoy the benefits of a new car, without any deposit or ongoing running costs including road tax, insurance, MOTs, breakdown assistance and repair bills.

Home Electronics

With thousands of products available from the UK’s leading home and electrical retailers, including computers, mobiles, home cinema, garden, DIY, furnishings, toys, domestic appliances and much more. Employees can spread the cost of items through this staff benefit and simply browse and order products online through the Benefits Hub.



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