Service Awards Made EASY

Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach! Terryberry streamlines EVERYTHING – custom service awards, merchandise, experiences, swag, & peer recognition – into ONE powerful platform.

  • Craft awesome programs, celebrate wins, & build culture.
  • Recognition on autopilot. Focus on what matters.
  • Unique service awards straight from our factory.

Recognize, reward, and retain top talent with ALL recognition solutions in ONE powerful platform. πŸ‘‡

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Custom Service Awards

Show employees you appreciate their hard work & dedication with personalized awards.


Largest Selection of Rewards

Motivate & inspire with points-based recognition & the gift of choice.

Terryberry integrations

Seamless Integrations

HRIS/HCM feed, SSO, & 3rd party integrations for easy accessibility & automation.


Going Beyond The Competition

Tired of piecing together reward program vendors? Craft the perfect mix of rewards and recognition and truly make personalized experiences for your celebrated employees all within one powerful platform.

Start small, dream big. Terryberry’s customizable platform lets you start with what you need now and easily add features as your recognition goals expand.



Spectacular Service Awards. Automated.

Overwhelmed by HR tasks? We’re here to make your life easier. We automate everything from awards and birthdays to onboarding, ensuring you never miss a special occasion.

Plus, we craft custom recognition experiences – from unique service awards and personalized jewelry to premium swag – that perfectly reflect your company culture. Let Terryberry handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the big picture of HR.

Largest Selection of Rewards on the Market

Add Terryberry’s points & reward platform to your program. Employees earn points per year of service, redeemable for top-tier merchandise, unforgettable experiences, or even charitable donations, giving employees the gift to get something they really want.

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Amplify Recognition & Engagement

Recognition doesn’t have to stop at service awards. Upgrade to Terryberry’s peer recognition platform for instant recognition.

Recognize anniversaries, foster collaboration, and celebrate all victories in real-time with features like GIFs, reactions, and comments in a newsfeed that connects ALL employees no matter what they do or where they’re located.

Swag They Won't Throw Away

Company swag is more than just free stuff β€” it can be used as a powerful tool for branding, connection, and cultivating your company culture.

Welcome new hires and gift cool, useful gear and apparel to tenured employees to supercharge employee morale!


Craft the perfect mix of rewards and recognition. Schedule a live demo today! πŸ‘‡