Terryberry Product Spotlight – Champions in the Workplace


02/20 | 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

Whether you are a sports fan or not, everyone has heard of the coveted Super Bowl ring.  Almost every professional athlete can afford to go out and purchase a custom ring with hundreds of diamonds but it will never mean as much as being on stage and being presented with the ultimate award.  The ring means they have succeeded in every way possible and that they are in an elite group.

The workplace is no different!   People love getting recognized for accomplishing challenging tasks however most transactions these days are intangible: Instagram likes, Venmo payments, DoorDash promo codes, e-gift cards, digital movie tickets and the list goes on.  We are seeing a HUGE increase in the power of awarding employees with something real; something that was actually made for them!  A YouTuber may achieve One Million Subscribers but it doesn’t become REAL until the custom plaque is delivered!

This webinar will demonstrate the importance of incorporating tangible, custom awards into your employee recognition strategy. When these moments are thought through and managed properly they can strengthen your company culture and improve employee retention.

Learning Objectives:

  • Common challenges of designing and managing an effective recognition program
  • What is truly meaningful to the newer worker
  • Budgeting best practices
  • How to incorporate your brand into your recognition platform


Alex Allion
Director of Custom Awards and Partnerships

With over 27 years of experience in the employee engagement industry, Alex leads the Custom Award and Partnership Team at Terryberry.  Creating employee experiences through meaningful recognition programs is his passion and he has led the implementation of hundreds of client initiatives all over the world.

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