Building Community, Regardless of Where Your Employees are Located


08/17 | 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

Hosted by – The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2022


Presented by Mike Byam, Executive Chairman at Terryberry and Taylor Welsh, VP of Wellness Solutions at Terryberry

The workplace today is not just the office. Telecommuting comes with a host of benefits, but it also comes with new “rules of engagement.”

The time is NOW to strengthen your culture and create an environment people want to be a part of, ultimately keeping your employees connected. In addition, remote and hybrid workers are sometimes forgotten when it comes to engagement and meaningful recognition. Get real solutions for providing these employees with a sense of community, personal interaction, wellness engagement, visibility, and recognition for their accomplishments.

Recognition and wellness deepen the connection between team members and their organization. Workers are looking to their employers to prioritize wellbeing and purpose. Social connection drives company loyalty, higher performance, and collaboration. There is significant evidence to support the positive return on investment companies are witnessing when they develop a combined recognition and wellness strategy for their employees.

During this session, we will focus on the wide range of working environments that businesses and HR people are navigating and how to foster engagement regardless of where people sit.

We will also provide business leaders and HR professionals with a blueprint and new tools for engaging these important members of their teams through effective employee recognition and wellness strategies.

There is a shortage of critical talent, and organizations need to retain this talent now, more than ever. Turnover will continue to increase if organizations do not take vital steps toward incorporating wellbeing into their overall engagement strategy.

We will help answer the question: “How do we help build community, regardless of where people sit?”.

Qualifies for HRCI and SHRM recertification credits.

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