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How Mickey Makes Magic

July 27, 2009

I just finished reading a great article about Disney’s employee recognition system, HOW MICKEY MAKES MAGIC by Melinda Ligos of Success Promotions Magazine. The article talks about the importance that Disney places on employee recognition and quotes Disney Institute Facilitator, Tom Madden as saying, “Even when we’re cutting budgets employee recognition is something we don’t touch.” That type of expression is something we’ve seen a lot of during the last year.
The writing highlights some great practical examples of how different Disney managers have put their mark on their personal recognition initiatives and the various tools their managers use to foster that culture of recognition like recognition tool kits which appear to be similar to Terryberry’s Recognize Me Presentation Packs.
Ligos’ article is another great example of how a successful organization uses recognition on a daily basis to engage their people. The Recognition 101 section at the end of piece emphasizes five key areas of their recognition strategy which includes encouraging peer-to-peer recognition. This is a trend we see the marketplace echoing as interest in our online peer-to-peer program,, grows every week.
How Mickey Makes Magic is a nice employee recognition yardstick for most businesses.


Comments (2)

  • Carl H. Martens says:

    "Even when we're cutting budgets employee recognition is something we don't touch." – What a great quote and companies that agree will reap the rewards. Employee recognition promotes employee engagement which is directly related to the success of the organization. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenny Watkins says:

    Carl, thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree more.

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