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Employee Recognition Themes

January 11, 2010

As an employee recognition company, we are often asked about ideas for recognition themes. Here are a few I’ve seen recently:

RED CARPET/OSCARS: Award recipients get a star on a walk of fame and an engraved star with their name and achievement.

THIS DATE IN HISTORY: A fun idea for company anniversaries or long-tenure service awards. Re-create the time period…example: host the event in a 50’s diner for a company’s 50th Anniversary. Share tidbits like the cost of milk and gas, or products that hadn’t been invented yet, for an employee’s 30 year service anniversary.

BUSINESS CHAMPIONSHIP: Award recipients receive a custom championship ring like the ones given to athletes.

SHOUT: Recognition for employees who offer a suggestion that the company can implement are given an award and a Shout-out in a company meeting.

TRAVELING TROPHY: designate an award item that is passed on from one recipient to the next. One business used a football that was autographed by each award recipient before it was passed on.

THANK YOU THURSDAYS: one day a week set aside to remind people to appreciate employees and co-workers.

BOLDLY GO WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE: Innovation awards, presenters dress in futuristic costumes to present awards.

Has your organization used a fun, creative recognition theme? Share it in a comment!


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