Keep Track of Your Employee Award Program with AwardTrac

AwardTrac is the simple solution to managing the administration of your employee recognition program. Your employees' service anniversaries or achievements are automatically tracked throughout their careers. The built-in notification and award redemption system means that no employee anniversary or special achievement will slip through the cracks!

Whether your company has 150 employees or 15,000, 2 locations or 20, Terryberry's AwardTrac employee award program reporting will manage and monitor the details of your award program.

Terryberry's AwardTrac Administration Module provides added efficiencies to your AwardChoice online employee recognition program. Employers large or small can take advantage of this cost-effective tool to help you save time and manage your recognition program more effectively.

  • Automated Communication Tools- with one click, send personalized congratulatory letters to all award-eligible employees
  • Auto Reminder System- customizable reminder system notifies supervisors of award-eligible employees and sends award selection reminders to recipients.
  • Track Employee Progress- AwardTrac allows you to monitor employees as they progress through career milestones or achievements
  • Complete Security - your administration dashboard gives you control over individual award access and expirations
  • Insightful reports - including employee eligibility, response rates, and award selections
  • Automated uploads - keeps your employee database up to date

AwardTrac's comprehensive and flexible design tracks employees, audits awards, and delivers reports with as much detail as you want to see.

Award ordering is easy and personalized for you and your employees including all aspects of distribution, monitoring, and follow-up. Awards are custom-labeled for presentation and shipped to the location of your choice.

Your employee information is secure. AwardTrac uses only basic employee data such as names, hire dates, locations and award criteria. Award program data updates can be provided at any time.

View your employee award program's progress with AwardTrac's easy-to-read reports. Each report contains just the information you need, when you need it, from award status to award and order summaries.

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