Rewards and

Program Development

Reward and Recognition Programs

We'll help you give your employees the appreciation and recognition they deserve, by implementing effective reward and recognition programs. Terryberry's systems help you recognize multiple degrees of longevity, sales productivity, or special achievement while providing different types of recognition awards that positively reflect your organization and your recipients' individual personality and lifestyle.

The Definitive Blueprint for Employee Reward and Recognition Programs

We can help you quickly implement exciting and motivating recognition programs in your organization.

Terryberry has worked with more organizations worldwide than any other recognition provider. We have the experience to help you implement and manage an effective recognition system that produces big results for your organization. Unlike many providers, we work with organizations of all sizes and have no minimum order requirements. Whether your organization is small or large, we can help you develop an effective program within your budget.

As you begin the process of implementing your recognition initiative, here are some thoughts to consider.

Developing Your Recognition System

Setting Recognition Goals: Determine what attitudes, behaviors and contributions your business values most. Align your employee recognition programs with your overall corporate objectives for a successful program. Terryberry's recognition consultants can help you with this process.

Types of Recognition: An effective recognition program includes day-to-day recognition, informal recognition, and formal recognition. Consider ways to put all three forms into practice consistently in your business. Visit our programs for examples of the different types of recognition and types of recognition awards.

Selecting Awards

Award Differentiation: An effective award mix accommodates different levels, from everyday contributions and major achievements and milestones. Terryberry offers an immense selection of employee gifts and awards that range from on-the-spot awards, to lifestyle gifts, to custom designed career awards. Versatile corporate emblems, tasteful medallion watches, highly prized award rings, and hundreds of gift selections ranging from binoculars to outing kits, sporting knives to heirloom quality clocks, and cameras to crystal. Your employee gift will be as individual as its recipient. Visit our products for award ideas and types of recognition awards.

Assured Exclusivity: To be truly effective, employee service awards must be unique and exclusive. Every Terryberry award is customized using your company name or symbol. A watch is just a watch, but a tastefully designed timepiece featuring your logo is an award available only to those who have earned it.

Investment Controls: Graduated award levels at specific and predetermined price points make it a simple process to match awards to accomplishments and employee award programs to budgets.

Launching a Recognition Program

Implementation: Putting the infrastructure in place for your recognition programs at the outset will position you for success with your program. Terryberry can help with all aspects of managing and administering your program, with account management services, online administration dashboards, award fulfillment, program monitoring systems and much more.

Communication: It's important to communicate the details of your recognition programs: why the program is in place, what it is meant to accomplish, and how employees' contributions impact them. Terryberry can help you communicate the criteria for awards and recognition, and show you ways to promote your recognition and service award programs. By publicizing and promoting your program, you can motivate employees to participate as well as increase the prestige associated with awards.

Recognition Training: Terryberry offers on-site or web-based training to help you educate your organization's managers on why learning to effectively recognize employees is important and how your recognition program works.

These criteria, along with other organizational specific input, help maximize the benefits of your employee reward and recognition programs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your organization.