Award Points Online – Employee Performance Awards Programs

Motivate and reward great work with Terryberry's program. The points-based award system continuously motivates individuals and allows members of management to express appreciation for employee contributions and commitment.

Performance Points Program

Employees Earn Points that Can be Redeemed for Awards is a web-based performance recognition program where employees earn points for excellent work. Points can be collected and redeemed for items from Terryberry's large catalog of custom awards and gifts for any lifestyle.

Cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use, the AwardPoints program motivates and rewards the contributions that are most important to your business. Improve employee motivation and accelerate performance in your organization with this effective system.

How does AwardPoints help you accelerate performance?

  • Your AwardPoints system is customized so you can give points for the contributions that matter most to you
  • Employees collect and redeem points for customized rewards and gifts from Terryberry's large selection
  • Unlike many points-based systems, AwardPoints is scalable for organizations of any size, whether you have 20 employees or 20,000.
  • Access program history, progress, and enhancements through an easy-to-use administrative dashboard
  • Reduce paperwork and ensure timely and accurate recognition through built-in email communication
  • Simplify communication and allow offline program participants to print brochures, statements, and certificates
  • Supervisors and top management can monitor account history and employee progress through easy-to-use reporting features
  • Recognize employees from any internet-ready location via simple access to the administration dashboard
  • Your AwardPoints program is customized to reflect your organization's brand and communicate your values on a continual basis

AwardPoints is a natural fit for performance recognition of any type:

  • Employee attendance awards
  • Safety incentives and awards
  • Healthy lifestyles and wellness incentives
  • Sales incentives
  • Recognition for "Above and Beyond"
  • Productivity levels

View an online demonstration of, or contact us to find out how to get started with an AwardPoints program for your organization.