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About Terryberry Employee Recognition Programs: Past, Present, & Future

Employee Recognition Programs That Work

At Terryberry we are proud of our heritage, committed to recognition solutions for businesses today, and excited about the future of employee recognition!

An Established Partner with a Proven Reputation

Terryberry has been helping organizations develop, implement and manage employee recognition programs that work for nearly a century. 25,000+ clients worldwide have trusted Terryberry to help them provide their people with recognition for remarkable contributions and achievements. Don't take our word for it, though. Read what our customers have to say

We're headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with locations throughout North America, Europe and Australia to serve you locally and globally.

Learn more about our history and experience.

Recognition Solutions for Right Now

Terryberry's approach is to do more than just offer employee recognition programs…we strive to help our clients develop a culture of recognition in the workplace. An effective employee recognition culture involves three elements: formal recognition of significant achievements; informal recognition for attitudes, behaviors and contributions your organization values; and day-to-day recognition for the ways your people go above and beyond. Terryberry's recognition solutions, like our Social Media-styled Give-a-WOW! program, are designed to meet the recognition needs of your employees today.

Whether you need to implement employee recognition programs that work in your organization, want to provide a special award for a significant achievement, or just want employee recognition ideas, we can help.

The Future of Employee Recognition

We're not resting on our laurels. Terryberry is committed to innovating the future with our employee recognition ideas and programs. In every aspect of your recognition program, we're working to make your recipients' experience even more meaningful and inspiring. Whether it's developing new ways to give recognition like our app for your iPhone, offering new and exciting types of awards, or working with your recognition ideas to create a recognition solution like no other, we are dedicated to making more wow moments happen every day!

And now, for a little recognition of our own!

We don't often toot our own horn…we're too busy helping you toot the horn for your esteemed award recipients! But we can't help but be excited about some of the honors Terryberry has received for our employee recognition programs that work.

  • Workforce Management's Hot List for Top Reward & Recognition Providers
  • HRO's Baker's Dozen: Top 13 Providers of Employee Recognition Outsourcing
  • Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • Human Resource Certification Institute's (HRCI) Approved Provider

History & Experience

The Terryberry Tradition

For nearly a century, Terryberry has been helping organizations with employee recognition ideas to develop recognition programs to motivate and retain valuable employees. We have built an international reputation for customized recognition and award programs featuring the highest quality awards and innovative approaches to recognition.

Founded by Herbert R. Terryberry in 1918, Terryberry began as an award manufacturer, crafting high quality recognition awards and recognition jewelry in our manufacturing facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company is rooted in a tradition of quality and personal service.

Soon, our clients began looking to us to provide additional employee recognition services including administration tools, award presentation resources, recognition consulting services and more. Since then, Terryberry has become an innovator in the field of recognition, developing ground-breaking solutions including: integrated recognition platforms, social-media-style peer recognition programs, customized online award selection programs, administration and management tools, recognition training programs, and many other resources to help organizations easily manage their recognition programs and provide their employees with the best possible recognition experience for their contributions.

Today, Terryberry has grown to into a Global Recognition Provider with a network of recognition consultants that spans North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The company is still family-owned, now in its 4th generation under the direction of Managing Partner, Mike Byam. We are proud to provide our clients with worldwide support and the personal attention of a local team of employee recognition experts. We still proudly design and manufacture awards in the USA.

With over 25,000 customers of all sizes, we have worked with a full spectrum of employers, including heavy manufacturing and financial institutions, sales organizations and sports franchises, service providers and medical offices, recent start-ups and well-known Fortune 500 companies. 


Proven Approach

Trust Terryberry's approach for developing and delivering quality employee recognition ideas, programs and products, which includes:

  • Our partnership approach. We handle set-up, implementation and support so you can focus on your people.
  • Customized program development. We make the process easy for both administrators and participants.
  • Proven experience, multiple support options, and a hands-on approach simplify start-up or transition from an existing program.
  • Ability to communicate the details of your program in a way that works for your unique group of employees -paper, digital, or a hybrid format.
  • Opportunity to oversee the entire recognition process from a desktop computer using our innovative program tracking and delivery tools.
  • Minimized start-up costs based on Terryberry's proven track record and willingness to work hard to earn your business.

Quality & Manufacturing

Each of Terryberry's employee recognition programs are unique, created to address a customer's individual needs. While no two Terryberry programs are alike, they all share in our meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our commitment to providing the best in customer service, and our continuing investment in technological advancements. These factors allow us to offer a broad range of award options - from corporate recognition awards to civic service pins - at competitive prices and with a delivery system on which you can rely.

Each and every Terryberry-manufactured award is backed by a lifetime guarantee that covers any workmanship-related failure. We take great pride in what we do and it shows.

Since 1918, quality awards and customer service has been our focus.