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About Us - Terryberry Employee Rewards and Recognition


Wondering where the name Terryberry comes from? We get that a lot. Terryberry is a fun name and we're in a fun business. Actually, the company's name comes from our founder. Terryberry was founded by H.R. Terryberry in 1918, nearly a century ago. The company is still family-owned…now in its 4th generation. We often wonder what H.R. would think if he could see it now. It's still headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, now with more than 25 locations worldwide and growing!

Today Terryberry is a global provider with comprehensive total recognition solutions.  We think founder H.R Terryberry would be pretty proud of what Terryberry is today.


When people are recognized for their efforts, they are inspired to achieve more.The mission of Terryberry is to help organizations provide their people with special recognition for remarkable contributions and achievements. We strive to create a fulfilling and rewarding environment where people achieve their best potential -- in your organization and in our own.


Terryberry's approach is designed to help you build an authentic culture of recognition.Our solutions are dynamically customized your organization's needs.  Terryberry can help with any or all of the steps along the way.


Simply, we are passionate about helping you build an employee recognition culture.

When you're looking for the best employee rewards & recognition program or service awards, Terryberry has just what you need. Contact us to learn more today!

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