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About Us - Employee Rewards and Recognition


When people are recognized for their efforts, they are inspired to achieve more. The mission of Terryberry is to help organizations provide their people with special recognition for remarkable contributions and achievements. We strive to create a fulfilling and rewarding environment where people achieve their best potential -- in your organization and in our own.


  • We help organizations understand why employee recognition is important and how to do it right. (RECOGNITION TRAINING)
  • We develop programs, platforms & tools that make recognition work. (RECOGNITION PROGRAMS)
  • We provide awards and recognition products that reinforce your message of appreciation. (RECOGNITION AWARDS
  • We help along the way to ensure that you have the resources to effectively recognize your people. (SERVICE & SUPPORT)


Wondering where the name Terryberry comes from? We get that a lot. Terryberry is a fun name and we're in a fun business. Actually, the company's name comes from our founder. Terryberry was founded by H.R. Terryberry in 1918, nearly a century ago. The company is still family-owned…now in its 4th generation. We often wonder what H.R. would think if he could see it now. It's still headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, now with more than 25 locations worldwide and growing!

We think H.R would be pretty proud of what Terryberry is today.


plaque1.jpgWe believe that simple recognition program setup and administration, high quality awards, and responsive service are important attributes in a partner for effective employee rewards and recognition programs. We'll guide you through the process and help you achieve your employee recognition program's success.

Make the Most of Your Employee Rewards and Employee Recognition Program

All too often, a very special contribution goes, not unnoticed, but unrecognized. Successful organizations address their ongoing needs for employee retention, employee rewards, and increasing employee morale by implementing an employee recognition program or an employee incentive program.

Working in partnership with Terryberry, you will be surprised how easy it is to develop and administer a cost-effective employee recognition program with your choice of fine, time-honored awards.

For nearly a century, Terryberry has been the trusted employee recognition provider for more than 25,000 customers worldwide. We specialize in the design and manufacture of nearly every type of employee award, service award and safety award imaginable. No matter what your idea, chances are we have the perfect solution for a fitting employee recognition pin or any other type of employee reward to recognize your employee's achievement.

Trust Terryberry to help you develop and managing an effective employee recognition program:

  • Expert program design & management
  • Awards of exceptional quality
  • 90 years of experience
  • Global support
  • Professional print & web program communications
  • Easy-to-use administration services
  • Recognition training courses
  • Fastest turnaround in the industry
  • 25,000 satisfied clients worldwide
  • Responsive service for clients large and small

When you're looking for the best employee rewards & recognition program or service recognition pin, Terryberry has just what you need. Contact us to learn more today!