Welcome Aboard Recognition Awards

New Employee Welcome Letter Sample Template

When a new employee joins your organization, it’s important to make that person feel welcome and at home. Use one of Terryberry’s new employee welcome letter sample templates to show your new staff member how excited you are that they’ve joined the team. Use these as actual letters or as a new employee welcome email for them to find in their inbox on their first day.

Welcome! Recognition Program Announcement

Dear Colleague,

Whether you have recently received recognition for going above and beyond in your job, or to celebrate a milestone anniversary of service here at ABC Company – or you are just taking a look at the catalogue of awards – we hope you find something of interest in the awards available for participants in the Give a Wow program.

Our organization depends on the efforts of our staff to provide the best in concierge service to our members – so for staff redeeming award points, we thank you for making that effort! We hope whatever you choose brings you great enjoyment, and reminds you of the appreciation we have for your efforts.


V.P. of Human Resources

Welcome Aboard

Dear [First Name],

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to TLE Systems! We are proud to have you as a member of our organization and look forward to what you will bring to the team!

Enclosed you will find your sterling silver TLE Associate pin. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our people, and we are pleased to present this exclusive symbol to you as a new member of the team. We hope you will wear it with pride!



Get started in no time.

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