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Employee Recognition and Wellness Programs for Remote Workers

With remote work as the new normal, companies are adapting their HR & communication systems to ensure employees are set up for success. Establishing a consistent and impactful culture of recognition & achievement is crucial- now more than ever. Productivity and ingenuity result from company camaraderie and support. From engagement to wellness & work-life balance, we at Terryberry are here to guide you through enhancing remote company culture.

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Why is Remote Employee Engagement Important?

Remote workers and work-from-home employees make up a growing portion of the global workforce. Many organizations are looking for better ways to connect, encourage and engage their remote staff through employee recognition programs and wellness programs for remote workers. Terryberry can help. Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform provides employers with a proven system for engaging both remote and onsite employees into a culture of recognition and wellness.

88% of HR Professionals say that employee recognition has more impact during these unprecedented times, while 57% say it’s also more difficult to recognize employees. 

Why is Remote Employee Engagement Important?

How to Ensure Your Virtual Recognition Event is Meaningful

Recognition still matters, whether you can be together in person or you’re working remotely. If you’re considering how to create a memorable and meaningful recognition experience for a virtual event, this eBook will give you actionable ways you can ensure it’s successful, including:

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Online Peer Recognition Platform for Remote Workers

With Terryberry’s Give a WOW platform, your employees can give and receive recognition for great work from anywhere. The Recognition Wall provides an interactive space for encouragement and recognition. Colleagues post recognition when they interact with a coworker who has gone above and beyond or demonstrated a core value of your business.

Whether your employees work remotely, or from different offices, Give a WOW helps keep your employees connected with each other and with your positive mission.

Online Peer Recognition Platform for Remote Workers

Wellness Program for Remote Employees

Terryberry’s online employee wellness program provides encouragement to help your employees reach toward their best health. This comprehensive wellness platform includes health risk assessment, individual and group wellness challenges, wellness education, social encouragement, and recognition and rewards for achieving personal wellness goals.

The cloud-based system is accessible from anywhere. Your remote employees and onsite staff can participate and be well.

Wellness Program for Remote Employees

How to Recognize Work Anniversaries Remotely

Terryberry can help your organization honor career milestones of all of your employees, whether they are remote, onsite or in many locations around the world.

With Terryberry’s AwardChoice program, we can help you create an online recognition and award experience for your employees’ years of service that can include a personalized congratulatory message and award selection to fit your budget. Terryberry can even provide personalized video messages based on recognition from peers, when you combine your service award program with our Give a WOW program for peer-to-peer recognition. Learn more about how we can help you create a moment to remember for your employees’ service awards.

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Recognizing Top Performers Remotely

Terryberry can create an online portal for your employee incentive programs to measure and reward performance for employees anywhere: onsite, working from home, or from locations around the world.  Let us help you design an incentive program, communicate and measure goals and award your top performers.

When it comes to rewards, incentive programs from Terryberry can include exclusive access to an online shopping experience where award recipients can pamper themselves. In addition, Terryberry can create an iconic tangible award that represents the achievement, such as exclusive recognition jewelry or engraved awards.

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Recognizing Top Performers Remotely

Your Guide to Remote Employee Appreciation & Recognition Ideas

With a changing workplace, you may be looking for new ways to engage with employees – both remote & in the office. Founded in 1918, Terryberry has weathered through these ups & downs while steadfastly supporting our clients – proving our knowledge and platforms to be robust & effective. Interested in learning more from knowledgeable professionals on navigating this remote employee appreciation & engagement?

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