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Employee Appreciation Gifts

Send gifts to individuals, teams, departments, or even your entire company with our quick & easy, cost effective solution.

Impactful employee recognition programmes which celebrate career milestones, from 1st year anniversary, 5 years, 10 years... up to and including retirement.


Motivate your employees to drive new sales by rewarding them with a gift if they beat your sales targets. Our tangible, high impact solution provides great ROI with no set-up costs.

Empower your team to create a dynamic culture of recognition by recognising one another visibly and in real time. Give Managers the ability to reward teams on-the-spot for their contributions.

Woman giving feedback and communication to coworker

Looking for a way to connect with your customers and employees? Our platform makes it easy for your customers to share feedback and recognise employees who make a difference.


Your people are your most valuable asset

Everyone deserves to be recognised for the work they do and we know what it takes to make sure your people feel valued.

Terryberry serves 25,000+ clients worldwide, from SMEs to Blue chip companies. We are proud to play a part in the recognition moments that shape the workplace culture of our clients.

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Why are employee recognition and engagement important?

  • Employee engagement, productivity and customer service are about 14% higher where recognition occurs compared to where it doesn’t.
  • Profits are 44% higher in companies with higher levels of employee engagement than companies that measured in the bottom 25% of employee engagement.
  • There is 23.4% less employee turnover in organisations that give regular recognition.
  • 82% of employees appreciate receiving feedback, regardless of whether it’s POSITIVE or NEGATIVE

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