Terryberry Product Spotlight – Rewarding Employees in a Hybrid World


04/25 | 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

HR Leaders understand the value of recognizing and awarding employees. Many seek guidance, however, on the best way to create programs for diverse organizational needs.

Specifically, when organizations have a mix of office and remote workers or try to balance different generational preferences while still embodying the values of the organization.

Many leaders are surprised to learn that despite operating in a digital first world, tangible items and in-person moments of recognition are just as meaningful to their employees.

Join Terryberry as we discuss how leading organizations overcome common challenges and create a dynamic recognition and award program.

Understand what is truly meaningful to your newer workers and how to incorporate your brand into your recognition program. Plus, see the latest recognition and award offerings from Terryberry that are valued by customers and employees alike.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the most common challenges of designing and managing an effective recognition program.
  • What is truly meaningful to newer workers.
  • How to incorporate your brand into your recognition platform.
  • Spotlight on Terryberry’s New Digits.


Alex Allion
Director of Custom Awards and Partnerships

With over 27 years of experience in the employee engagement industry, Alex leads the Custom Award and Partnership Team at Terryberry. Creating employee experiences through meaningful recognition programs is his passion and he has led the implementation of thousands of client initiatives all over the world.


Justin Butterfield
Manager of Engagement Solutions

Justin Butterfield has spent over a decade solutioning and owning experience management (XM) programs for brands of all size and industries. Having served as both a practitioner and consultant, he has been trusted by leading global brands to help them drive action towards building better experiences. He has also been recognized for his leadership and vision when building out new solutions for complex business needs.


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