Terryberry Product Spotlight – Best Practices for Creating a Meaningful Recognition Program


05/30 | 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET

HR Leaders understand the value of recognizing employees. Many seek guidance as where to start when it comes to building a successful program and what are the best practices we have seen work. Specifically, when organizations have a mix of desk and deskless workers or have complex organizational needs.

Join Terryberry as we discuss how leading organizations overcome common challenges to creating a dynamic recognition program. What are the unforeseen pitfalls that many organizations miss that we can help you avoid. Understand what is truly meaningful to your newer workers and how to incorporate your brand into your recognition program.

Learning Objectives:
• How you can create a meaningful recognition program within your resources.
• How you can reach your employees even if they are a blend of workers such as desk/deskless or online/offline.
• What are some best practices and pitfalls to avoid that we have seen working with thousands of clients.


Justin Butterfield
Manager of Engagement Solutions

Justin Butterfield has spent over a decade solutioning and owning experience management (XM) programs for brands of all size and industries. Having served as both a practitioner and consultant, he has been trusted by leading global brands to help them drive action towards building better experiences. He has also been recognized for his leadership and vision when building out new solutions for complex business needs.

Alex Bisel
Solutions Architect

Alex Bisel has spent the last 8 years teaming up with hundreds of organizations to design and grow recognition programs based on best practices and core principles. With a keen focus on data-driven insights, he’s crafted strategies that redefine workplace cultures, creating environments where everyone’s achievements are celebrated. His commitment to improving the employee experience goes beyond the office, acknowledging its deep impact on families, communities, and organizations alike.

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