Gaining Leadership Support for Employee Recognition


11/04 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET

Presenter: Mike Byam

The same question keeps coming up, almost without fail, every time we give a talk on the topic of employee recognition. How do I get my executive team to prioritize employee recognition, and how do I encourage leaders to participate in building the culture?

Developing a culture of employee recognition within your organization requires leadership’s understanding and support to be most effective. Whether you have an existing employee initiative or if you are just starting with an employee recognition program, learn how to earn buy-in and participation from the executive suite and management team.

This webinar will help you understand the role that business leaders have in influencing your organization’s recognition culture. Get equipped with the answers to your CEO and management team’s questions and concerns about employee recognition so you will be able to successfully present the business case.

We’re going to set you up for success, not only in winning him or her over to the idea, but ultimately real success with your program and its impact on your people and your business. Gain the answers to some of these questions: What in the world is your CEO thinking when you propose an employee recognition program? How can you respond persuasively to his or her questions?
We’ll offer 7 strategies to engage your leadership, and finally, we’ll share several 10-minute actions that leaders can take to support employee recognition in your organization.

Attend the presentation to receive helpful resources and checklists that engages leaders consistently in your employee recognition efforts to achieve a successful outcome for your organization.

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